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Product Review: Skin to Skin Care Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub

Product Review: Skin to Skin Care Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub

Scrubs, peels, and exfoliating pads are all pillars in my beauty regime. From anti-aging tactics to brightening dark spots, it’s mind boggling how much good can come from simply removing dead skin cells. Regardless of skin type or health, your skin can benefit from skin renewal practices.

Skin to Skin Care Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub is my latest scrub of choice to tackle these sebaceous glands of mine.

Here are the details for Skin to Skin Care Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub:
Their claim:

A rich and creamy exfoliate that doubles as a deep foaming cleanser to remove dirt, toxins and other impurities while shielding and protecting skin from environmental pollutants. In addition to its healing properties the face scrub is enriched with powerful anti-aging anti-oxidants that ton, nourish and moisturize the skin.

My Results:

This multi-tasker, mild-scented scrub is not only an exfoliate but a cleanser and moisturizer. Coming from a background of having an acne flare up at any minute misstep, I chose to use my normal cleanser. Afterwards, I applied a quarter-sized heap of Skin to Skin Care Oatmeal & Pomegranate Face Scrub on moist skin.

While gently rubbing, I could immediately feels pieces of some ingredient (unsure if oatmeal or walnut shell powder) moving across my skin. That made me panicky. Even as a scrub, I like the product to have an even surface. Otherwise, I feel like the particle is tearing my skin. After a few more swirls of gentle scrubbing, I rinsed with tepid water.

My skin was noticeably softer and wasn’t red from irritation. I tried this scrub for several more weeks. My nose and cheeks were less clogged with blackheads and I began to have a glow. Though there are several products that resemble this scrub, but this particular scrub is au natural.

Bling Factor:

Pros: Multi-tasker

Cons: Little rough

Buy Again: Yes

Price: $28.99

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 4 Blings

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