Best in Bay Area Beauty: Beauty Box Style Studio

Best in Bay Area Beauty: Beauty Box Style Studio

I don’t tend toward long-term relationships with hair stylists.  Invariably, something goes wrong—I hate my color, my cut.  Or maybe they are having a bad day and I end up with bad hair.  Am I going back?  That would be a firm NO!

And the worst offense for me is waiting.  And waiting.  Why on earth do stylist book five clients for one appointment time?  That one just kills me. Will I go back?  A resounding NO!  As a matter of fact, one stylist left my hair wet for three hours while he left to get lunch.  I walked out and went to a salon down the street, never to return to that nut case.

Fast forward to June 2010, I started going to Beauty Box Style Studio in Oakland.  Shahidah and Tina run the show in this multi-cultural salon and are proficient is every service you can order up.

Beauty Box Style Studio
Oakland, CA, 94601
510 788-4195

My daughters see Shahidah regularly for to keep their natural hair in great condition.  Her flat iron skills are perfection—when they get ironed, it lasts and lasts.  My middle daughter likes to take a walk on the wild side with her hair color, and Shahidah gave her a purple streak that any head-banger would be proud of.

Shahidah (left) and a satisfied client

My daughter Lindsay comes home with the silkiest hair ever.  She has a soft, curly texture anyway, but the flat ironing leaves it look like it’s been on “creamy crack”.

Tina working on a client's hair

Tina working on a client's hair

I have also witnessed Shahidah working out the weaves, and she has done some serious work in that area.  I mean the before and after is amazing.

I see Tina for my color and cuts.  She has taken me blond and dark again.  She recently gave me Halle Berry hair.  (Now if only she could give me that body.)  Now the irony is all this is that Tina is not a woman of color, but you would never know when she whips your hair.

Tina’s coloring skills are on point, she love to work on short hair.  And that’s probably due to the fact that she was an educator for several years for a cosmetology school and for Phyto.  (One of my favorite hair product brands).

At Beauty Box Style Studio they use products that are good for your hair, they stay on top of trends and are consummate professionals. I recommend them for all your hair care needs. And wants.

One new service they are offering is the Brazilian Blowout—a keratin treatment for the hair which leaves it smooth and frizz free.  (not a relaxer, as it is not permanent, but lasts about 3 months). Check out this before and after:

And as I mentioned the color services are gorgeous. Check out this before and after:

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