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Product Review—Skin: Lumene Excellent Future Age Defying & Repairing Night Cream

Product Review—Skin: Lumene Excellent Future Age Defying & Repairing Night Cream

My sole purpose in using a night moisturizer to wake up with guess what? Moist skin!  Bonus points for a moisturizer that yields extra anti-aging benefits like firming and brightening.  I don’t have wrinkles, nor to I plan to, so I prefer a multi-tasking moisturizer for day and night. I’m all about more bang for my buck and reducing the steps in my skin care routine.  I was sent Lumene Excellent Future Age Defying & Repairing Night Cream to review and I was quite excited as I loved the Vitamin C Day Cream by Lumene.

Here are the details about Lumene ExCELLent Future Deep Repairing Night Cream:

lumene-excellent-future-dual-boost-suojaava-korjaava-yövoideExCELLent Future with Natural Cell Technology For All Skin Types

Applexcell™ compound of this cream protects the most important skin cells, which play a key role in keeping your skin youthful. The pampering formula of the night cream contains nourishing plant oils and extracts, such as blueberry seed oil and betaine. The cream helps prevent and postpone damage that is hidden under the skin surface and reduce the depth of already existing wrinkles.

Applexcell™ = Modern Apple Extract + Ancient Arctic White Peat

Designed to protect the most important skin cells

Helps to improve your skin’s ability to repair itself and delay the aging process

Helps the skin remain younger

Over 85% natural ingredients

My results:

I have been using Lumene ExCELLent Future Deep Repairing Night Cream for over a month and there are more than a few things I love about this moisturizer. First of all, there is the natural ingredient component—that’s always huge for me since I eschew chemicals in my skin care.  Cancer survivor here…

The texture is rich and creamy, true to the genre of night creams.  No doubt that’s due to the inclusion of plant oils which are easily assimilated into the skin. However, rich does not equate to heavy. Quite the contrary, a small amount of this night cream goes a very long way and absorbs extremely well.

The scent is practically non-existent—it’s light and just enough to let you know that you just applied some cream to your face. I like that.

The hydration continues for hours.  When I wake up my skin is still moist to the touch, and that’s what I look for in a night cream.

Cumulative benefits:

My skin is firm, clear and bright.  That’s pretty much all I can hope for at 56.  I don’t have wrinkles, so I cannot speak to the effects on reducing lines.  The claim for this moisturizer is that it prevents damage and keeps skin looking youthful.  I hope so.  I don’t think I have aged a bit in the month… However, if the results are measurable in 30 day increments, I think that this moisturizer is on point.

Bling Factor:

Pro:  Rich, absorbs, long  lasting hydration

Con: None

Price: 29.99

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings – glass jar, sealed contents

Overall: 5 Blings

Get your Lumene Night Cream here:

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