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Product Review—Skin Care: Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil—It’s a Keeper!

Product Review—Skin Care: Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil—It’s a Keeper!

Winter weather can really put your skin under stress and if you’re in a cold part of the country like I am, it’s extremely important to keep your skin well moisturized. Lately, I’ve been into oils to help defend my skin against the harsh weather and was thrilled to try Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil that I’d been hearing rave reviews about.

About Tarte Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil:

Tarte Pure Maracjua Oil product reviewWhat it is:

A 100 percent pure organic maracuja oil.

What it does:

This undiluted organic and moisturizing maracuja oil quickly absorbs for firmer, brighter, smoother skin. Pure maracuja oil is rich in vitamin C, so skin appears instantly brighter and more radiant, as well as essential fatty acids (EFAs), a requirement for healthy skin cells that the body cannot produce on its own. EFA deficiency can result in the breakdown of essential skin cells which causes skin to appear dry and aged. By supplementing skin with pure maracuja oil, you are infusing life back into dull skin and replenishing EFAs to rapidly rebuild and repair. This potent antiaging elixir that has anti-inflammatory benefits promotes active skin recovery and delivers maximum hydration without any greasy or filmy feel.

My Results:

Since first using Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil I knew that my skin loved everything about the oil. Never leaving a greasy feeling, the oil has visibly improved my skin, leaving it more luminous and hydrated. After thoroughly cleansing the skin I apply the oil nightly before bed and in the morning my face looks and feels amazing. I’ve benefited so much from the Maracuja Oil that I will probably start using the oil throughout the year.

Bling Factor:

Pro: Non-greasy, Paraben free, Mineral Oil Free

Con: N/A

Price: $48

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings The oil arrives in a really cute case and beautiful purple and gold glass bottle.

Overall: 5 Blings

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