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Product review—Skin Care: Cellure Recode Balancing Toner

Product review—Skin Care: Cellure Recode Balancing Toner

I’m one of those people who prefers to skip using toner. Primarily because it seems like a waste of time. Unless of course it’s packed with ingredients that are on the super side of active and have some serious benefits for me.

Of course, there is that “claim” that a toner prepares the skin for accepting moisturizer—I have used it a million times over the years when selling skin care systems—but, if you are using a Ph balanced cleanser, guess what? You don’t need a toner.

Long story short, for the sake of science, beauty and blogging, I tried a toner, that I have to say that I really liked. Cellure Recode Balancing Toner was pretty darn nice to my skin. And, unlike my usual habits, I didn’t read the label prior to using this product. I will address this again in my results.

About Cellure Recode Balancing Toner:

In a fine mist, this toner hydrates skin, balances the surface and refines pores while it prepares skin for ideal moisture absorption. Skin looks and feels dewy, supple and luminous.

Chamomile, antiseptic, and aloe help calm and soothe irritation and help bind hydration.


After cleansing, mist directly onto face and neck. Can be held up to 12” from the face. Pat gently into skin.

My results:

I am a lazy girl at night. I really hate going to the bathroom and doing all that skin care stuff, despite what I preach as a beauty expert, 30 year beauty industry veteran, esthetician and cosmetic industry trainer. Rather, I have my “lazy girl” makeup up removal kit at my nightstand. Included are makeup remover wipes, my ziplock bag of cotton rounds saturated with toner—in this case Cellure Recode Balancing Toner—eye cream and moisturizer.

Sooooo. About this RECODE toner. I really liked it. When and if I use a toner, I like to “feel the burn.” Meaning that ordinarily, I use a toner if it has to have some serious anti-aging benefits. Ordinarily, I like to have a bit of an AHA or retinol or vitamin C in my toner, but with RECODE I have stem cells! I didn’t realize that when I first started using it. OMG! Me, the green girl, I’m using human stem cells on my face.

Well, the bottom line is no matter what my personal opinion is about stem cells, they worked.

With RECODE, my skin felt refreshed, exfoliated and moist. Ordinarily with toners, my skin feels dry and I really kind of like it, even though I well know that its not the best thing for my skin. So, having the benefit of feeling exfoliated and moisturized, RECODE was great.

It’s good for a mid-day pick me up as it comes in a spray form. For me, and old school girl, I have to use toner with a cotton pad. I know it’s a waste of product, but it works for me.

I found that RECODE worked well with my other skin care products—helping my moisturizer to work more efficiently. It did not make my skin sizzle in the way that I love, but that’s a good thing.

The price is steep for a toner. I would prefer to spend my dollars on a treatment product as opposed to a toner.

Overall I give Cellure RECODE 4 Blings.

Bling Factor:

Pro: Feels great, makes moisturizer work faster, lives up to claim.
Con: Price, uses stem cells (if you are not opposed it’s a good thing)
Buy Again: No—I prefer green products and it’s pricey
Price: $65
Packaging: 3 Blings – the spray is good but not unique
Overall: 4 Blings – the technology utilizing stem cells is new and notable, but not necessarily a product that appeals to the masses. Nonetheless, it lives up to its claims.

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