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Product Review: QuickTint Professional Hair Color

Product Review: QuickTint Professional Hair Color

I’m old enough to remember that hair dye commercial—"I’m gonna wash that grey right outta my hair.” I hate to admit that.  Even more importantly, I hate the fact that I have grey hair.

I dyed my hair jet-black for years. Blue black in fact. What an ethnicity conundrum that produced for people who encountered me for the first time. Are you half Hawaiian/Chinese/Hispanic/Samoan? Are you Latina? Is your mom white?

That would be a no, no, no, no and no. I’m a black girl with a whole lot of Indian in the mix (PC version—Native American).

When I had my last daughter 14 years ago, I naturally quit dying my hair, as I was pregnant, and subsequently breastfeeding. Up at nights watching TV with a new baby in tow, I was bombarded with the same hair color commercial for Clairol Hydrience night after night. I couldn’t wait until I was done with all that milk bag business to get my hair back to black.  

Back to black was a major disaster. I ended up with a major allergic reaction—eyes swollen shut, throat swollen nearly shut, my head was the size of a watermelon and I looked like a klignon. I could even get a cap on my head. My scalp was raw for two weeks.

That ended my obsession with dying my hair.

Fast forward 14 years. After going through my Beyoncé phase of bleaching the heck out of my hair (bouncy according to my kids), I wear a weave or a ponytail. When I’m wearing the ponytail, I have grey hair peeking out on my edges. I hate it. But I have discovered QuickTint…

I’m so grateful for QuickTint It has literally saved me from the bleach/dye bottle and is the quickest way to hide grey on the spur on the moment or between touch-ups.

Here are the details about QuickTint:

What it is:

A fast and fabulous way to cover grays, QuickTint Professional Hair Color is the instant root touch-up that offers an immediate, foolproof and portable solution for roots that have wronged you. No bigger than a lip gloss, QuickTint fits right in your purse and is a must-have for travel. Available in 10 shades: from Pale Ash Blonde to Auburn, Medium Golden Brown to Rich Black, and everything in between. Each hue offers natural, realistic-looking color. Great for men too!

What it does:

QuickTint Professional Hair Color instantly covers your roots between regular color applications; at the hairline, your part, or where the color fades at the temples. Use whenever your roots begin to show. QuickTint comes in a convenient "click-pen" applicator. Simply twist the end of the pen to load the brush with color, then apply the product sparingly to the roots and comb through with the small comb/brush supplied. Apply to dry hair or wet hair. The waterproof formula means your color stays put through sweating, swimming, even shampooing. Remove it like you would eye makeup – with remover and a cotton swab.

My results:
I love this stuff. I have actually used it in a variety of colors. When I wear my weave, my hair is lighter. So as it grows out, I use KW to color my edges so that my real hair matches my faux hair.

When I’m rocking the pony, I definitely need my edges in order with the rest of my hair. I have used that horrific brown gel, but since I really don’t like crackly hair, I’m so happy this product keeps my grey at bay.

The mascara tube applicator is super-easy to use, just swipe it on the grey area and you have coverage that lasts for hours—even through hot flashes.  The tube is small enough to throw in your purse with your other makeup for touch ups if you need them.  The frustrated hairdresser in me created "highlights" in my hair with the blond QuickTint!

I even tried it on my eyebrows—works. (I hate light hair and dark brows)

Don’t tell anyone, but I was curious about how it worked on other graying hair. If you are over 50, you know what I’m talking about. It works….

Bling Factor:

Pro: Easy to use, several great colors that blend to most tones of hair.
Con: None
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $14.95
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 5 Blings

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