Product Review: Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Serum

Product Review: Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Serum

A few weeks ago I shared in my What I'm Trying Now post that I was giving the Jane Carter Solution Hair Nourishing Serum a try in an effort to stop my breakage and minimize some of the shedding I was experiencing. Based on my results of using the Hair Nourishing Serum for a little over a month I fully understand the rave reviews that Jane Carter Solution products  receive.

What it Is:
The Jane Carter Solution Hair Serum is a hair repair serum used to promote growth and reinforce the strength of your hair.
What it does:
This serum works to strengthen your hair while reducing hair breakage and promoting growth. The 100% natural serum is ideal for chemically treated or natural hair.
My Results:
It's been so long since my hair stopped excessively shedding and I could literally hear the breaking that I'm not quite sure when this awesome Hair Nourishing Serum kicked in but it is certainly doing the job. I wash my hair about once a week and proceed to style after using about 3 or 4 drops of the citrus scented serum.
Not only does my hair feel more moisturized, but its looking more healthy and softer to the touch. If you're experiencing any kind of damage or breakage to the hair this is certainly a product that you'll want to try. I've incorporated the Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Serum  into my weekly routine and my hair couldn't be happier.
Bling Factor:
Pros: Delivers accurate results,smell
Cons: None
Price: $20

Buy Again: Of course!
Packaging: 3 Blings- nothing too fancy, directions are easy to locate and the top of the bottle allows for even distribution of the serum.
Overall: 5 Blings

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