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Product Review: glo-therapeutics Nourishing Facial Oil

Product Review: glo-therapeutics Nourishing Facial Oil

My face has been at war with dry skin as long as I can remember.   I've been battling the dryness to achieve, at minimum, normal skin. I've fallen off track the last few weeks with my diet and skin care regimen, and it certainly shows on my face— my skin is dull and under-moisturized. While unpacking recently, I found a bottle of glo-therapeutics Nourishing Facial Oil that I was sent to review—what perfect timing.  I was anxious to try this nourishing oil, as glo-therapeutics, as a brand, is always a skin care winner in my book. 

Here are the details on glo-therapeutics Nourishing Facial Oil:

What it does:

glo-therapeutics Nourishing Facial Oil helps to restore and repair skin. Active ingredients such as glycerin help to draw moisture from the air to the skin and squalene helps to guard against UV radiation and prevents the loss of water from the skin. Pomegranate works as an antioxidant to help keep the skin plump and looking youthful. Excellent for dry, dehydrated and mature skin, this unscented naturally derived oil will leave your face moisturized and feeling silky smooth. 

My Results:

Since my skin has been quite dull the last few weeks, I knew that I needed an intensive treatment  for moisturizing and restoring my healthy glow. About a week ago, I started using glo-therapeutics  Nourishing Facial Oil every night pairing it with the glo-therapeutics Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub and Renew Serum for maximum results. A week later my face feels like a baby's bottom and I've got my glow back. While I was a bit resistant to using an oil my face never felt greasy and my dehydrated skin quickly soaked up the nourishing oil.

I recommend using glo-therapeutics Nourishing Facial Oil  and night and along with a great cleanser. Changes in my skin were noticeable within a few days, so expect to see swift results. Because the oils provides substantial results, you may need to alter your daytime moisturizer to something a bit lighter. Doing so will avert oily skin, particularly  since we're still throes of summer. Overall,  glo-therapeutics Nourishing Facial Oil is an awesome hydrator for achieving skin that looks, and feels moisturized throughout the day.

Bling Factor:

Pro: Moisturizer, non-greasy

Con: None

Price: $42

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings, Directions are easy to identify, product easily dispersed with a pump

Overall: 5 Blings

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