Product Review—Body: Aromafloria Pomegranate Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter

Product Review—Body: Aromafloria Pomegranate Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter

I have an unhealthy obsession with body wash, especially ones that are organic or have exfoliating benefits.

While many find solace by singing in the shower, I find comfort by daydreaming and planning my editorial calendar.  I like to think if the right shower gel can help me physically detox, I can mentally detox as well. All the better for a fresh mind, no?

The most recent body wash that has captured my obsessive ways is  Aromafloria Pomegranate Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter. Although this body wash doesn’t remain on my skin to actually deliver noticeable anti-aging benefits, it doesn’t stop me from loading my scrub glove with this energizing bath and body elixir!

Here is the claim for Aromafloria Pomegranate Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter:

Pomegranate detoxifies and bestows anti-aging benefits in this naturally derived coconut cleanser with moisturizing organic shea butter.

The perfect path to revitalized and younger looking skin.

After a recent health scare, I am more vigilant than ever about using organic  beauty products. With the inclusion of pomegranate (Aromafloria refers to this superfruit’s seeds as “jewels”), I know by using this foaming body wash, I am helping promote “the regeneration of cells in the two most important layers of healthy skin, the epidermis and dermis,” according to Pierce Mattie’s article “Beauty Trend: Pomegranate in Skin Care.” Pomegranate, the crimson fruit full of health benefits, also helps stave off skin cancer cells!
Regarding the claims:   One would be more likely to get the full anti-aging benefits if Aromafloria Pomegranate Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter is used in conjunction with a pomegranate-rich body  butter. (which Aromafloria also makes) The synergistic combination of pomegranate and shea butter would be more likely produce “revitalized and younger looking skin.”
The detoxification claim is a bit more believable, particularly since I use this body wash in conjunction with a scrub glove.  A body loofah or a battery operated body brush would also produce great results.

Bling Factor:

Pros: Does not contain amides, SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). Contains pomegranate for its detoxifiying and renewing abilities. Can be used as a fragrant, foaming bubble bath.

Cons: It’s challenging to get the last few drops of the body wash without opening the bottle. Pump gets jammed. Not as moisturizing as I hope since it is coconut-based and contains shea butter.

Buy Again: Surprisingly yes.

Price: $20

Packaging: 4 Blings

Overall: 4 Blings

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