Product Review: Black Opal Beauty “Fade” Skin Care Line

Product Review: Black Opal Beauty “Fade” Skin Care Line

I admit it, I have these spots on my skin that need help.  It’s my own fault.  I can’t seem to stop tweezing (peri-menopausal whiskers–HATE) and squeezing anything foreign I see on my face.  And as a licensed esthetician, I know better!

I was given Black Opal Beauty Fade products to try out, and I was quite skeptical that an inexpensive brand would work.  However, I’m happy to say that they are pretty darn good, particularly for a budget beauty brand found in drugstores.

I tried the Pre-Fade Gentle Cleanser and Advanced Dual Complex Fade Gel Maximum Strength Plus.


Here is the claim for the Fade Gel:

Night gel. Tackle dark spots and discoloration with a scientifically advanced formula featuring Bio-Intensive Skin Complex, a proprietary blend of Hydroquinone, at the maximum strength available without a prescription, combined with soothing natural ingredients that work together to even your skin tone and brighten your overall complexion. For all skin types. Helps treat uneven, discolored skin.


And for the Pre-Fade Gentle Cleanser:

Wash away impurities, exfoliate skin, and brighten your overall complexion with this dual-phase cleanser. Micro-beads remove dead cells and dullness while Citrus Lightening Complex gently fades your dark spots and brightens your skin. For all skin types. Helps treat uneven, discolored skin.




My results with Gentle (Pre-Fade) Cleanser:

This creamy cleanser is certainly gentle.  The exfoliating beads are a bonus.  But don’t expect major exfoliation from them.  The beads are an added touch, but just enough to do mild exfoliation.  My skin always felt clean and comfortable after using this cleanser.  Not at all like it had just been sapped of every vestige of life, as some cleansers do.  A great price point, particularly considering that it lasted almost 2 months with daily use.   My only negative is that with the addition of the beads, I was not able to take the cleanser across my eyes.

Pro: Gentle, exfoliating, cleans skin without drying
Con: Cannot use around eye area
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 4 Blings
My results with the Fade Gel:
I’m a label reader.  So when it comes to skin care, the first thing I do is read the list of active and inactive ingredients.   I have to say that I was quite pleased to see that this formula included tried and proven effective hydroquinone as a lightening agent combined with botanical brighteners that are found in brands like Kinerase.   I also prefer a gel formula over creams, as gels tend to penetrate the skin better as they are a smaller molecule.  I found that this did lighten my spots somewhat.  I know that they are older marks, so they take longer to lighten.
Pro: ingredients, price, sinks into skin, can see results within 30 days
Con: None
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 5 Blings
Last words:  I wish that there was a sunscreen in the fade line, as that is the number one protection against the sun exacerbating existing dark spots, and preventing future hyperpigmentation. The sensitive fade cream for day includes an SPF 15,  and there is a SPF 15 lotion in the Moisture Care line, but a separate stand-alone sunscreen would make this line complete.

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