Product Review: Avon ANEW REVERSALIST Renewal Foaming Cleanser

Product Review: Avon ANEW REVERSALIST Renewal Foaming Cleanser

Obsessed with skincare I’m always looking to try new facial cleansers that wash away the harsh effects of the day and leaves my skin feeling not only clean but moisturized and refreshed. It has been quite some time since I’ve used AVON but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the ANEW REVERSALIST line so I was extremely excited to use the Renewal Foaming Cleanser.

The ANEW REVERSALIST line works to reactivate the skin’s repair process and reverse the look of wrinkles. Taking a look at how the skin repairs itself AVON scientists created a line that would recreate fresh skin without wrinkles.

What it does:

The foaming and Moisture rich cleanser removes dirt and any access oil on the face. Using the Renewal Foaming Cleanser won’t strip your skin of essentials oils or cause your face to become dry.  More than 80% of users of the Renewal Foaming Cleanser reported that their wrinkles were dramatically reversed.

My Results:

Upon applying the cleanser to my face I was thrilled over the creamy, moisturizing texture and I didn’t want to wash it off. Once rinsing and lightly towel blotting my face I immediately felt a tightness that normally indicates that my skin is dry and in desperate need of moisture.  After taking a look in the mirror I noticed that my nose was flaking and my face appeared dull.

Although my personal results were not great, I would still recommend the ANEW REVERSALIST Renewal Foaming Cleanser to someone with oily or combination skin. The texture was great and the benefits of the product are outstanding.  Needless to say if you suffer from dry skin like me, you’ll want to try out another product in the ANEW REVERSALIST line.

Bling Factor:

PROS: Creamy texture, Anti-aging properties

CONS: Can be drying for those with dry skin

Buy Again:  No (due only to my skin type)

Price:  $13

Packaging: 3 Blings-—Nothing too fancy, directions are easy to locate and the tubal design allows for simple storage and usage.

Overall:  3 Blings

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