Party Girls: Expert Beauty Tips for the Holidays

Party Girls: Expert Beauty Tips for the Holidays

The key to skin health during stressful holiday months is being consistent with your skin care regimen. Exfoliate the skin, use SPF everyday (even in the winter), apply hydrating serum underneath your moisturizer, and eat healthy food.

Get rest, exercise and try not to stress – it’s a time to celebrate and enjoy with those we lovem

But, if the holiday has season gotten you in a dither and you off your A-beauty game, not to worry—every credible party girl has an arsenal of quick fixes at her disposal for simple, easy beauty pick-me-ups. 

1. Instant Sex Appeal 

Red lips put all eyes on you, plus red lipstick is a quick fix that instantly adds elegance and sexiness to an outfit.

Try: NYX Cosmetics’ Xtreme Lip Cream in Candy Land $6

2.  'Tis the Season to Glow

Use an all-in-one product to get a rosy holiday glow – something that gives color to your lips and cheeks like you just came inside from playing in the snow. Try: NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blush in Tea Rose $6.50

3. Everything in it's Place

Keep clutch essentials in your purse so you can easily transition from day into night without missing a beat. Carry hydrating mist and a small perfume bottle with you so that you can always look and smell fresh.

Try: Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency Kit for Her $15

These adorable kits are filled with an arsenal of helpful necessities like stain remover, hairspray, floss and deodorant towelettes.$15

4.  Stay in Balance

If you have time, try to get a facial a week or so before all of your holiday festivities. This will help to restore the moisture balance to your skin, and give you a natural holiday glow. If you don’t have time for a facial, use hydrating facial cleansers and serums, exfoliate and use a humidifier.

Try: ARCONA Peptide Hydrating Complex $75

5.  Detox

If you are hung-over after drinking too much at a holiday party, make sure you drink tons of water to re-hydrate your body and your skin. Also, to re-energize your skin after a long night out, a mask will help to cleanse, purify and detoxify the skin.

Try: ARCONA Tea Tree Mask $30


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