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Nude Attitude: Top 5 Nude Organic Polishes

Nude Attitude: Top 5 Nude Organic Polishes

It’s no secret that the way a woman keeps her nails says a lot about her. It's also no secret that nude will forever be a must-have nail color. This season seems to be no different with tons of nail companies perfecting their nude colors.

But with some good there must be some bad, right? Most nail polishes have quite a few harsh chemicals in them: formaldehyde, tolune and dibutyl phthalate, just to name a few. But wait! Before you put down these nail companies, know that there are other options.

Unbeknownst to me, there are companies that make organic nail polishes. If you want to rid your beautiful hands of harmful chemicals, try one of these organic nude nail colors:


1. Priti NYC Nail Color in Chilean Bamboo $12.50

2. Suncoat Water-based Nail Polish in Almond Nude $9.99


3. Zoya Nail Polish in Amanda Sheer $8


4. RGB in Nude F2 $16


5. Honeybee Gardens Water Colors Non-Peel Off Polish in Nude Beach $9.99

Get your nude:





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