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Nail Files by Age: Product Review—Milani Specialty Nail Laquer Jewel FX —Gems

Nail Files by Age: Product Review—Milani Specialty Nail Laquer Jewel FX —Gems

Looking for the over-the-top Nail Polish Bling? Blinged out nails are the trend right now, so, ladies I have found the newest addition to our ever growing collection of nail bling.

For those days or nights when you are emanating energy, you should definitely Bling out your nails with Milani Specialty Nail Laquer Jewel FX in Gems.

The Claim for Milani Specialty Nail Laquer Jewel FX—Gems:

Bedazzle your nails with Milani’s Jewel FX. These chunky glitters give the impression of the finest jewels adorning your nails. Multi-colored glitter sparkles like gems. Gold glitter reflects like gold leaf flakes and Silver glitter shines like diamonds.

Large & small particle glitters with faceted jewel like effects
Available in 3 shades

My Take:

This polish does indeed “sparkles like gems”. The multi-colored sparkles are big for that extra shine and Bling. (530)Gems of the Jewel FX by Milani offers an unmistakably high shine.

The application is pretty good. My suggestion for the perfect application is to use short, quick strokes to get the maximum amount sparkles per coat. Let coat dry completely. Repeat.

Gems by Milani does pass the 2-Coat-Challenge, but it is tricky, especially if you are going for the FULL shine look. You could use a base coat color. But I preferred the total Bling approach, I did 3-coats of this polish.

Why 3-Coats? Triple coats is only if you don’t want to see your natural nail under the sparkles. Dry time was great. Remember ladies, let each coat dry, or you will undo the last application. The manicure life was awesome. The glitter in Milani Specialty Nail Laquer Jewel FX—Gems maintains a long time on your nails. This Nail Laquer is a definite must have if you want that extra sparkle and Bling.

Love Laqcuer!

Bling Factor

Pro: Lots of sparkle, lasts a long time, easy to apply, great price

Con: None

Buy Again: Yes

Price: $4

Packaging:4 Blings

Overall: 4 Blings

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