Nail Files by Age: Date Night Red and Black RoManicure Tutorial

Nail Files by Age: Date Night Red and Black RoManicure Tutorial

The universally recognized symbol of love is a heart.  We even use it when we text—I <3 U! Have you ever considered u How often do you wear red nail polish?  Or maybe you love black nail polish. Well, why not turn your love for red and black nail into a RoManicure?  

Check out our step-by-step tutorial for a DIY Red and Black RoManicure!

You will need : 

Nail maintenance tools

Base coat/Top coat

Two nail polishes in red and black (or solid colors of your choice)


1.  File clean nails to desired shape and length

This goes without saying, but we want to start out with a clean canvas. No amount of polish can pretty up raggedy nails, so trim, file, and buff away! 

2. Apply one layer of base coat

An essential step to ensure a smooth surface for your RoManicure, and to protect and strengthen nails. 

Try:  Essie Protein Base Coat $8


After base coat, dip a Q–Tip in nail polish remover and gently wipe away any stray polish around cuticles. 

3. Carefully apply two coats of your red nail polish

I used a "haute" red/orange, 3 Free nail polish for my foundation color, but any solid shade will do.

Try:  Revlon Nail Enamel in Craving Coral $4

Let the first coat dry completely, then repeat the process to clean up the second coat.

4. Now for the fun part! Draw on hearts in black nail polish (or any contrasting color of your choice)

This is best done with a nail art pen, which will help you make defined strokes. Draw several small hearts across top half of nail. You can repeat this step on all nails, or only on one nail of each hand, as I did here. Take a break if your hands get shaky.

Try: Milani Nail Art Nail Lacquer in Black Sketch $4.99


5. Apply top coat to dry nails.

Try: Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Ultra Wear Top Coat $7.99

This will seal in the polish and prevent chipping, making your manicure last longer!

Let nails dry thoroughly and you're done. Enjoy your new RoManicure, and stay tuned for another DIY nail tutorial, coming soon!

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