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My HPNOTIQ Night of Gilt and Harmonie with Benefit(s)

My HPNOTIQ Night of Gilt and Harmonie with Benefit(s)

One of the things I love about my "job" is attending  a beauty soirée, replete with delish nosh, adult beverage and swag bags.  That was exactly the scenario for the Private Beauty Party Hosted by HPNOTIQ Harmonie, Gilt City & Benefit Cosmetics at the Benefit Boutique on Chestnut St. in San Francisco last week.  

The Benefit Boutique was packed with mother-daughter duos, BFFs, and basic beauty junkies who were on hand to enjoy the bountiful beauty bonuses of the evening.  

Upon entry I headed straight to the HPNOTIQ Bar where the cutie bartenders were mixing up Hamonie inspired cocktails.  I indulged in the Harmonie Mojito (it was sooo good, I could drink those things like water).











Chelsea, the designated driver, sipped a more conservative "Some Kind of Gorgeous" Champagne cocktail.  (HPNOTIQ Harmonie and Champagne)  Yes, I tasted that too.


Then it was on to the sweet treats at the HPNOTIC Candy Bar.  I was rather horrible—I took a bag full of candy home.  For my kids, you know…  The mini cupcakes, adorned with violet frosting—the signature color of HPNOTIQ—were really, really good.  But pigging out on mojitos while downing cupcakes is not the best food pairing.  But as i "made it work" as Tim Gunn would say.





Then it was on to Natalie who was going to perfect my eyebrows, but I had just had those done. So instead she waxed my upper lip.  Ouch.  But thanks Natalie, I needed that.  Chelsea got hers waxed too so we were both in desperate need of more Harmonie cocktails!  Back to the HPNOTIQ bar!

Waxy woman Natalie, and yours truly.  

Natalie torturing me.


The highlight of everyone’s night was walking away with an ultra-exclusive swag bag filled to the brim with some pretty fun stuff—HPNOTIQ panties, a t shirt and would probably fit my 4 year old cousin, a big gaudy purple plastic ring that flashed like a disco ball, and other assorted HPNOTIC accessories.  

And of course, the Benefit goodies were the icing on the cupcake.  We receive Cha Cha Tint, a  mango colored lip and cheek stain.  SCORE!  It was on my hit list.  We also received The POREfessional, a PRO balm that minimizes pores. 

One more trip to the HPNOTIQ Bar and a some play time with a few products, and we left feeling guilt-free, and thanks to HPNOTIQ, quite harmonious while looking "Some Kind of Gorgeous", thanks to Benefit.

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3 Responses to My HPNOTIQ Night of Gilt and Harmonie with Benefit(s)

  1. rockwyld January 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    i wish i could have been there <3

  2. Amy Bromberg July 22, 2011 at 3:00 am

    WOW!  i’m drewling big time!  first the food and drinks…WOW.  and the makeup….WOW.  I would have loved to have been there.  I like going to the Benefit counter at bloomingdales in nyc.  they are so nice there and reasonable price for eyebrow wax.

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