Manly Man: Skin Care Tips from Dr. Renucci of Turo Skin—Advanced Skin Care for Men

Manly Man: Skin Care Tips from Dr. Renucci of Turo Skin—Advanced Skin Care for Men

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Spring is here, and summer is around the corner.  Spending more time in outside activities increases the need for men to take care of their skin with the proper skin care products.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Renucci has tips and tricks to keep men’s skin looking its best throughout the brisk spring and warmer summer days.  Combine these tips with Turo Skin, and your skin will be in prime condition.

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for a summer day at the beach, the sun can be especially harsh during your everyday commute while driving in your car. In order to prevent the skin from inflaming and becoming even more irritated in the summer, use a moisturizing sunscreen like the TURO SKIN Moisturizing Day Lotion + Sunscreen BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15. The lotion features moisturizing Algae Extract and anti-inflammatory Sea Mayweed Extract and Licorice Extract; perfect for winter skin!


2. Moisturizing

Most men shun the idea of using a nighttime moisturizer—too much hassle, right? Well, trying to treat dry skin patches and eczema that results from sun exposure is MUCH more of a hassle! Try the TURO SKIN Regenerating Night Cream, which is packed with Tetrapeptide-21, Shea butter, Aloe Vera Extract and Beta Glucan to provide moisture to the skin. For skin already suffering from windburn, Arnica Oil and Allantoin provide anti-inflammatory benefits.


3.  Turn down the heat!

After getting in from a vigorous workout or day in the sun, nothing feels better than a scalding hot shower to clean up. But the intense heat of a shower breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture. Instead, opt for a lukewarm temperature and use an extra-moisturizing shower cleanser, such as the TURO SKIN 3-in-1 Shower Cleanser, which contains Abyssinian oil, algae extract and glycerin to provide the skin with tons of moisture and prevent dry patches of skin on the face and body.Turo 3-IN-1 SHOWER CLEANSER

4. No Lip-Licking!

Hot dry temperatures also means dry, cracking lips. You might be tempted to lick your lips to re-moisten them, but you’re only going to make matters worse. Instead, choose a super-moisturizing lip balm like TURO SKIN Protective Lip Balm SPF 15. In addition to sun protection benefits, this lip balm contains Shea butter, sunflower oil and peppermint oil to moisturize the lips. It also contains bisabolol, an anti-inflammatory agent to help soothe wind-burnt lips.


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