Manly Man Product Review: Eco-Armour All Natural Shaving Foam

Manly Man Product Review: Eco-Armour All Natural Shaving Foam

Many Black men have are shaving challenged .  It just so happens that most men who have coarse hair or curly hair have a hard time acheiving a clean shave without the razor burn, razor bumps and other breakouts that often occur using traditional shaving gels.  

There are a plethora of shave products on the market that claim to elimate the shave irritation and razor bumps, but do they actually work?

Blinging Beauty was sent a few bottles of Eco-Armour, created by Robert Benzinger for men (and women) who experience the ugly after effects of shaving with a razor, to test and review.  

And test and review we did.  A panel of 4 men and a woman tried the shave foam and to the surprise of all, the-all natural shaving foam was a solid hit.

Here is the claim for Eco-Armour:

Introducing a better and smarter way to shave for men and women of all skin types

These light luxurious shaving/body wash foams will leave your skin looking, feeling and smelling AMAZING

Eco-Armour's plant based formulas act as first aid to your skin and razor (patented to extend blade life)

Virtually eliminate ingrown hairs, red bumps, razor burn, nicks, cuts and dull blades

In two scents—Eucamint and Pomango

Benzinger said, "This was an invention born of necessity.  I used to have ingrown hairs covering my neck and would always cut myself shaving.  Mainstream shaving foams left my skin feeling dry, irritated and looking red.
When I read the label I was shocked to find them full of harsh chemicals such as butane! That explained it.  Around the same time replacement blades were getting more and more expensive which was annoying.  All this led me to take it upon myself to invent a new way to shave, using only botanical ingredients  that were good for my skin and also extended blade life."
The Blinging Beauty Panel results:
The three men who used Eco-Armour on their face and neck were amazed that such a light foam could serve as an efficient lubricant for shaving.  

Manly  Man 1, "I don't have a hard time with shaving, I usually get a pretty clean shave, but I have found some shave gels to be more irritating than others.  This one was light (Eucamint) and I didn't need a lot of product to shave with.  My skin was very smooth afterward.  I also liked that I didn't have to use a separate cleanser to wash my face.  I also recently started shaving my head, and I used Eco-Armour for that too.  It's going to be all I use in the future."
Manly Man 2, "I never shave with a razor.  I have been using a smelly depilatory made for black men for years.  I was skeptical, I didn't want to try it at all for fear of having to deal with a bout of razor bumps.  The first day I just shaved my sides and part of my cheeks and totally avoided my neck.  To my surprise I didn't bump up, so I tried it again on my neck.  I had minimal irritation and no bumps.  (I have a metal allergy).   The good news for me is that I can finally use something that does not run everyone out of the house when I mix it up.  I think Eco-Armour is genius."
Manly Man 3, "I don't shave often, but when I do, I want a clean shave.  I don't get bumps when I shave, but sometimes my skin gets irritated and then gets dark spots.  When I used Eco-Armour, that didn't happen—my skin was smooth and clear.  I'm glad, because I got to keep my swagger on point for the ladies."
Manly Man 4, "I didn't shave my face with Eco-Armour, but I do shave my head.  I got a very clean shave and I noticed that my razors lasted longer too. "
Woman shaver, "I used Eco-Armour as a facial cleanser — LOVE!  I also shaved my legs and bikini with it.  I had no bumps in my bikini area, which I usually do have after shaving.  And I found that just a little bit of Eco-Armour goes a very long way.  I love organic products, so this will be definite keeper for me.'
The consensus was the Eco-Armour is a quality shave foam for black men and all of the reviewers would gladly use it again.  The panel also thought the 3 ounce size was perfect for travel—TSA friendly!

Bling Factor:

Pros: Clean shave, organic, fresh smell, can be used for shaving face, head and bikini

Cons: None.

Buy Again: Yes!

Price: $24 for 7.1 oz, $14 for 3 oz

Packaging: 5 Blings — product is pre-measured in a pump that dispenses foam.  You can't use too much.

Overall: 5 Blings

You can read more about Eco-Armour on their site Eco-Armour.

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