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How-to: Lights, Cameras, Lashes!—Guide to the Perfect False Lashes

How-to:  Lights, Cameras, Lashes!—Guide to the Perfect False Lashes

From Beyoncé to Nicki Minaj—false eyelashes are a staple for the queens of pop to hip-hop. Red carpet regulars Kerry Washington and Zoe Saldana wouldn't be caught by the paparazzi without a flirty set of false eyelashes.

With award season almost in full swing, nothing says red carpet ready like a set of luscious lashes! Lash strips are an easy way to glam up any look on or off the red carpet, but sometimes can be a little tricky when it comes to the application process.



Linda Tical, celebrity lash stylist and owner of Goddess Lashes ( recommends these 4 simple steps to applying lash strips:·

Step 1: Measure your lashes and trim

Before applying glue, measure to ensure lashes are the correct length for your eye. Trim accordingly. Always trim from the outer end and not the inner.
You want the length of the lash to just fall short of the natural length of your eyes. This will prevent the lash from poking the inner corner of the eye.

· Step 2: Apply glue
Apply a sufficient amount of glue to the entire band of the lash (concentrating more glue on both ends so it has a stronger hold).
Ensure that you allow time for the glue to dry before applying it onto your lash (wait 10-20 seconds) so that the glue becomes tacky. This will make your application a lot easier!

· Step 3: Applying Lashes
You can apply them with a pair of tweezers (holding it from the middle of the lash) or with your hands (it may be easier to start with tweezers). Gently place lashes on top of or as close as possible to your natural lash line. Secure lash by pushing down the lash towards your lash line (using a q-tip helps). Try not to move the lash too much and give it time to set.

· Step 4: Last touch
After the glue has dried, go over your lash line with eyeliner to cover any holes or glue. Enjoy!

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