Friday Fragrance Find: Vapour x WISB No. 1 Solid Perfume

Friday Fragrance Find: Vapour x WISB No. 1 Solid Perfume



During Spring 2012 Fashion Week in NYC, I attended the WISB runway show, presented by Haitian Designer Hassan Pierre, and sponsored by Vapour Beauty. In my swag bag, I received a solid perfume by  Vapour which not only smells like heaven, but it does a world of good.  Check out the details below:

About Vapour x WISB No. 1 Solid Perfume, $24:

A seductive solid perfume that showcases the mysterious beauty of Haitian Vetivert, VAPOUR X WISB* N°1 offers a warm, spicy, lush & intoxicating scent. In partnership with Haitian-American fashion designer Hassan Pierre, a portion of the purchase price is donated directly to Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

VAPOUR X WISB* N°1 begins earthy and evolves

 with body heat to reveal a velvet heart of rose. Vetivert, well known in perfumery, has a parallel life as a sustainability superhero. Non-invasive Vetivert is used globally for erosion control, water treatment, pollution mitigation & land management. Haitian Vetivert is particularly beautiful for perfumery with a unique darkly sweet floral quality that emerges on top of a seductive woody green base.

Scent notes: vetivert, sweet basil and other herbs, citruses, light sparkling florals, and exotic woods.

Purchase your WISB Here.    Use code Tracey B. for free shipping!

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  1. Terez McCall June 13, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Hey Tracey, Vapour x WISB is by far one of my fave fragrances, thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to review this soon…

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