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Daily Bling: DIY Liquid Eyeliner

Daily Bling: DIY Liquid Eyeliner

Do you have a problem finding the ideal liquid eyeliner?  Maybe the consistency is too wet, or it's not that inky jet black that you really want.  Or, maybe you want to experiment with colorful liners, but just don't care to make an investment in new makeup.

Well, guess what?  You don't have to splurge on new makeup.  A simple trip to your medicine cabinet may be all you need.

A long-time trick of makeup artists is to use a little Visine (or other eye drops) as a wetting agent and add it to powder eyeshadow.  Visine is sterile, unlike tap water, and a drop is all you need.  You can them mix in the corner of your shadow until you have the perfect consistency with which to line your eyes.

How simple is that?

Now when you apply your eyeliner, please don't do it like these images I found on the web.

1.  Remember the purpose of liner is deepen and define your lash line, so keep your liner close to your lash line.

2.  Use a hard slant angle brush in work the liner into your lash line.  NO SKIN showing.  I really hate that!

3.   And for goodness sake, don't do half circles on your eyes.  Stick with upper liner only for a clean classic "top heavy" look.  Apply a thin line to start, and then if you need more liner, go back and apply another stroke of liner to your first.

4.  If your hands are unsteady, "dot" your liner in-between your lashes, then join the dots with your brush.

Smashbox has a great video for creating an exaggerated cat eye, check it out.

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