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Circumspect Sundays: Baby Girlz Magazine — Created to Survive. Destined to Thrive.

earthThe virtual world is amazing.  Since I started blogging, I have “met” some awesome people. By way of my blogger friend Ron, who authors Anything Urban, I met Traci Lee, author of Beauty in Rare Form. After reading Traci’s blog, I found out that we are practically neighbors.  I also learned that we share some of the same passions — the written word and GIRlS!

As a mother of three girls, I am consumed with insuring that they receive the education to which they are entitled.  I am more than obsessed with their having the highest self-esteem a woman can possess.  I encourage them to strive for their dreams, their goals.  Their spiritual health is of utmost importance to me.  I try to engender in my three daughters a global view of life.  They are all required to give back — so community service is a must in our household.

With that being said, when I heard of Traci’s online Magazine, Baby Girlz, I was thrilled to see a medium dedicated to “our” girls.

Take a moment to check out Traci’s baby — Baby Grilz:

Nazyia Imani Kellogg

My niece was born Fri­day, August 24, 2007…2 months ahead of sched­ule. You see, her actual due date was Octo­ber 27th. She is a beau­ti­ful lit­tle thing that was born at a very low birth weight — 1lb. 8oz.  As small as some of your hands!

With her entry into the world, we learned some­thing new as we gath­ered at the hos­pi­tal to await her fate.  While wait­ing to see her for the first time, one of the staff nurses turned to us and said:  “The baby will be fine”.  At first, we fig­ured that was some­thing she was say­ing to keep us hope­ful and in pos­i­tive spir­its.  How­ever, she con­tin­ued with: “Do you know what you guys have? You have a Black GIRL.  She has the high­est sur­viv­abil­ity rate of all pre­ma­ture babies no mat­ter race or gen­der”.  Tears welled up.  None of us had ever heard this before.

babygirlz1Finish reading Traci’s welcome message.

If you have a daughter, sister, friend, student, niece between the ages of 12-20, please take time to steer them from the mundane nonsense that abounds on the internet, and advise them to check out Baby Girlz.

Oh, and guess who gets to contribute beauty tips?

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One Response to Circumspect Sundays: Baby Girlz Magazine — Created to Survive. Destined to Thrive.

  1. Traci March 14, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    Beautiful! I love it, Tracey. Thanks for the press…and yes, everyone, please do come check out our contributing beauty consultant – in all her wonderful glory!!!


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