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CeleBeauty Watch: Get the Look—Janelle Monaé’s Vibe Vixen Braided Pompadour Updo

CeleBeauty Watch: Get the Look—Janelle Monaé’s Vibe Vixen Braided Pompadour Updo

Janelle Monaé somehow makes a slight change regal. Quite frankly, we’re jealous.  But, not for long! Want to snag her Vibe Vixen style for your very own? Grab those bobby pins and hold on to your bow ties–we’re going in!


What You Need:

Hair Brush–Try: Spornette 25 Porcupine Oval Boar Bristle Brush
Bobby pins–Try: Goody ColourCollection Wavy Bobby Pin
Hair Spray–Try: Aveda ‘air control™’ Hair Spray

Pomade–Try: Smooth ‘n Shine Polishing Olive & Tea Tree RevivOil Instant Edge Smoothing Pomade

(hair spray will give straight hair a better hold)

1 – Start with straight or stretched out curls. Section the crown area and secure for later.

2 – Brush remaining hair towards the centre like we’re creating a mowhawk. Good time to smooth those sides down with pomade or hairspray!

3 – Starting from the nape, the very bottom of your head, french braid/cornrow up towards the crown. It sounds difficult and may take a bit of practice, but were going for edgy, not perfection.
Still having some trouble? Try a french twist instead. NOT A FRENCH ROLL (unless thats your thing…). Twist and add hair as you go, continuing on to the crown.
Once your french braid or twist is complete, secure with bobby pins

4 – Take down the crown section you have saved. Direction that towards the face. Now, slowly start pinning sections back towards the braid, folding over as it were. Were creating a pompadour with slightly less structure to it, so don’t worry about tucking the ends in.  Have some fun!

5 – Final touch ups! Hair spray, pomade, pins, eyeliner, slacks. Bling it, Ladies! Let’s go!


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