CeleBeauty Watch: Get P!nkʼs Sexy, Marilyn Monroe Inspired Coif & Signature Pumped Up Pomp

CeleBeauty Watch: Get P!nkʼs Sexy, Marilyn Monroe Inspired Coif & Signature Pumped Up Pomp

Celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton has been the styling force behind an array of P!nks magazine covers and spreads including this gorgeous photo shoot producing these two rare images of the pop rock singer-songwriter. Marcia offers the scoop on how she achieves the hair in each including a behind the scenes glimpse into the products found on her hair station.

Get P!nkʼs Sexy, Marilyn Monroe Inspired Coif

P!nkʼs Sexy, Marilyn Monroe Inspired Coif

1. With P!nk holding orchid flowers in her hands, the styling process was started with damp hair cleansed with White Sands Orchid Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner to enhance this flower theme.

Celebrity Smart Tip: “The hot pink mybotto inverted bottle holder seen here allows me to get all of the shampoo and conditioner out of the bottle, even to the very last drop,” reveals Marcia Hamilton.

2. Add a few pumps of volumizing mousse for lift and texture evenly from roots to tips.

3. Blow hair dry with a medium round boar bristle brush

4. Clip extension pieces into the crown of your hair, making sure to leave enough out on the perimeters for coverage.

Celebrity Smart Tip: “If your hair is fine or a bit short, I suggest using clip in extensions to achieve P!nk’s ‘Marilyn’ style. Approximately 3 pieces should do the trick,” says Marcia.

5. Spray hair with a heat protect styling spray like Photographer: Deborah Anderson, curling the entire head with a medium to large curling iron. Wait a few minutes before coming out.

6. For streaks of playful color, apply Hypercolor Hair Powder with a makeup brush then set the style with a medium hold hairspray, while teasing roots a bit before combing through the curls for this sexy voluminous look.


Get P!nk’s Signature Pumped Up Pomp

P!nk's Signature Pumped Up Pomp

Photographer: Deborah Anderson

1. For this look, start with dirty hair. If your hair is really clean add a bit of a mattifying powder.

2. Section out the crown area and use a large barrel curling iron to create volume, pinning each curl formed out of the way.

3. Take a nickel size glob of pomade and rub hands together then apply to sides and back.

Celebrity Smart Tip: “When I use other styling products besides pomades, I always make sure I use mybotto bottle holders: they help me save time and money and they are great for reducing my use of plastic bottles,” says Marcia.

4. Brush sides back. If hair is too long, secure with bobby pins.

5. Take pins out of the crown, tease and run fingers through the curls. Spray with White Sands Stuck Up Mega Hold Hairspray for maximum hold and volume.

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