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Budget Beauty Tuesday: My Luscious Lips

I am kinda sorta obsessed with lips. I’m always looking at everyone’s lips.  I’ve even written about lips I love. I think I have the Goldilocks syndrome when it comes to lips.  “Too big.”  “Too small.”  “Too pink.”  “Too dark.” “Too fake.”  “Ohhhhh, unh unh.  __________!” (Insert choice of: smoker, crackhead, too much Vaseline etc.)

When it comes to my lips however, I think they are perfect.  Full without being overbearing. Shaped well.  Perfect cupids bow.  Natural lip liner.  Well-conditioned. Soft and free of ___________ lines.”  (Insert choice of: dried up prune, smoker, water bottle sucker etc.)

For years all I wore was a pink Clinique lipstick or matte red lipstick. When lipgloss became all the rage, all I could think about was the cheesy, greasy, saccharine-sweet stuff in the roller ball applicator that I used in high school.  I sure as heck wasn’t going back to that.  I have to give a shout-out to my colleague, makeup artist Hillary Clark for helping me adjust my backwards attitude toward lipgloss.  We were working at at the time and her lips were always so cute.  It was the lipgloss.

Chanel Glossimer

Chanel Glossimer

Low and behold, I discovered Chanel Glossimers — the Bentley of lipglosses. And since that time I have discovered many other glosses that I have loved for various reason.  Dior had one that I loved;  but of course, if you fall in love with a cosmetic, the company will invariably alter the formulation, change the packaging or just discontinue it all together.

Stila Lipglaze

Stila Lipglaze

I still love Stila Lipglazes. Unlike others who downsize our favorite products and increase the price, they made Lipglaze bigger!  It’s one of my perennial go-to for brides.

But, it’s Budget Beauty Tuesday, so I have to tell you about my favorite budget lipgloss of the moment.  I’m in love with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss. I have 3 colors in my rotation — Glossy Rose, Nude and Cherries in the Glow.

So why do I love Super Lustrous? Well, it’s shiny without giving me that porn-star pout.  The colors are subtle, so no matter which you choose, your own lips lusciousness come through.  The price is on point, $6.99 and most weeks you can fine a BOGO or better!  It’s not tacky as in sticky, which can be a good thing.  Means that your hair doesn’t get stuck in your gloss.  But it also means that it wears off faster.  So finding that happy medium between tacky and sheer is the gold standard with lipglosses.  Chanel and Stila have done that.  Revlon hasn’t quite done that yet.  But when I can get 3 or 4 glosses for the price of one, it’s worth it.

(pictures of my pout to come…)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss gets a whopping 4 blings! [flash w=100 h=50]

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2 Responses to Budget Beauty Tuesday: My Luscious Lips

  1. Traci March 2, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Hey Tracey!

    I love this! You are going to take me all the way out my comfort zone. For real. I love my lips too, but would love to enhance them with some ‘color’ and nice tones. I am a MAC girl and have only ever had the exact same one -Purr-. However, I am long overdue for trying another. In fact, when I am bold enough, I am going in for the eyes and lips because I have always wanted to make up my eyes and didn’t know how. What’s wrong with me?! Doesn’t matter because now I have your tips to get me through and I am sooooooo thankful!

    • Tracey Brown
      Tracey March 2, 2010 at 10:10 pm

      Back atcha Traci. And when you are ready, let me do your makeup!

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