Blinging Baby: Mustela PhysiObebe No-rinse Cleansing Fluid

Blinging Baby: Mustela PhysiObebe No-rinse Cleansing Fluid

I'm the proud parent of a newborn, but I'm no newbie to the mommy experience! Our Blinging Baby has a sibling, who we'll call the Blinging Big Girl, so this is my second time around on the rollercoaster of motherhood.

In fact, with my first little one, I was much more of a Minimalist Mommy than I am now. I was all AP (Attachment Parenting)'ed out- a co-sleeping, exclusively breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, vegetarian, hippy dippy, crunchy granola mama. And darn proud of it!

Well, that was nearly five years ago, and a lot has changed since then. While I've retained many of my philosophies around parenting (and life) I've relaxed a great deal.

One thing that has remained consistent is that I am fairly fanatical about what goes on my babies' skin. So, no 99 cent store bubble bath at our house! Of course, #noshade to any blinging mommies who do go that route. I just prefer to stick with my fave organic baby brands.

Disposable dipes aside (sorry, I simply can't handle cloth this early in the game, but that may change, haha), I really do my best to be good to mama earth. I strive toward a sustainable, minimalist lifestyle as much as possible. We're fortunate to have many wonderful options, and as a beauty writer I've come across many great companies that I would miss otherwise. I also find that the better a product is for my kids, the better it is for the environment, generally speaking.

Why am I oversharing all of this? I want to give you a clear picture so when I rave about the product I recently received from Mustela, you will truly understand where I'm coming from!

First, here's the deets on Mustela PhysiObebe No-rinse Cleansing Fluid, $14.50:

Product Details:

Gently and effectively cleanses delicate areas.
Diaper area: dissolves dirt and water resistant diaper creams. Face: gently cleanses the most delicate skin with proven skin and eye safety, neutral pH/alcohol-free/ soap-free.


Preserves the hydrolipidic film with its gentle, soap-free cleansing base.
Softens, soothes and moisturizes the upper layers of the skin, with the presence of Aloe vera and Allantoin.
Leaves baby's skin clean and fresh with the signature Mustela® scent.
No-rinse, pH-balanced cleansing fluid dissolves dirt and hydrates the skin with mild botanical extracts.
Hypoallergenic – specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
Tested under dermatological control.


Baby gets her bedtime bath, but I don't have to tell you that once a day is not enough. I lose count of how many times a day I need to wipe up her grimy face, fingers and toes. I won't get too graphic here, but then there are times when a dirty diaper means a filthy mess! But bathing baby multiple times each day not only wastes water, it also compromises her health.Studies show a link between over-bathing and allergic reactions in infants such as eczema and asthma. 

Baby wipes can clean up the mess, but don't leave the same refreshing feeling. It can take half a dozen wipes to clean up one tiny baby, which isn't easy on the pocketbook or the planet!

Blinging Baby is a plump little one and tends to get sweaty, even cheesy (milk + sweat= gross) in the creases and crevasses of her neck, under her arms, and in the folds of her chubby little thighs without constant attention. Keeping this little girl clean is a full time job!

Which is why I appreciate Mustela PhysiObebe. This No-rinse Cleansing Fluid is like a bath in a bottle! One pump on a cotton pad, wet wipe, or cloth, and volia- my fresh, sweet smelling girl is back. And I don't have to worry about irritating her sensitive skin, since PhysiObebe is designed to stay on. 

PhysiObebe is perfect for on the go, day to day clean ups, and just about any quick clean ups when you don't have time or desire to dunk baby in the tub. Keep a bottle on baby's changing table, tucked inside your diaper bag, and in the car- you'll need it!

This is definitely a keeper, and I've recommended Mustela PhysiObebe No-rinse Cleansing Fluid to several mommy friends (and two mommies-to-be!) 

I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who's tried the Mustela PhysiObebe-did you like it as much as I did? And all my like-minded minimalist mommies out there, please feel free to dish on your earth AND baby friendly finds! Leave your comments below.

Bling Factor:

Pros: Excellent no-rinse cleanser, perfect for quick cleaning on-the-go and after diaper changes. Gentle on baby's skin, and smells great!

Cons: None

Price: $14.50

Buy Again: Absolutely!

Packaging: 5 Blings — Love the generous, balanced bottle (no tipping!) and the pump dispenser is genius

Overall:  5 Blings

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