Bling or Ding: Editor’s Predictions for 2011 VMAs

Bling or Ding: Editor’s Predictions for 2011 VMAs

Who watches award shows to see who wins? We don't.  We watch to see who's there, who they are with (or conspicuously not with), what they are wearing (or not wearing), their makeup, their shoes, their hair and whether or not they have imbibed too much during the ceremony.

If the award show if of the musical genre, of course we are excited to see our favorite performers.  And we truly want them to WORK IT!  

There is nothing worse than anticipating your favoite song of the year and it is either 1.  lip synced, 2. badly performed, 3.  not performed at all or 4.  performed by a substitute performer. BOOOO!

The 2011 VMAs will be on in later today, and the Bling Team will be chatting on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  

While we love to rag on Kanye for his OOC exploits, we hope he doesn't pull another Taylor Swift (esque) faux pas.  The highlight of that whole debacle was the the graciousness of Beyoncé when she handed the mic to Taylor.  That was when I truly became a Bey fan.

We have made our predictions about who will be blinging and who will be a big fat ding.  Check them out!

 "We have to pre-Bling Pitbull. He is always dressed 'Party-On-A-Yacht', sports coat and BELT. Hopefully men will take a hint and follow Suit!

Ladies love a tailored man…"




"Ding: Kelly Rowland.  Kelly is beautiful and is in fab shape, but her clothing choices are predictable— looks like mall attire that just so happens to come with a free 22" loopy wig. And let's not forget the orthopedic shoes with every single outfit. A definite ding.

Bling: Queen Latifah.  The queen reigns for many reasons: great hair, great accessories, great skin and great under garment—always! I don't expect her to be any less high on her throne for the VMA's. She looks appropriate, not only for the occasion of choice, but for her body type. Bling for the Queen."


"I hope Alicia Keys is representing. I always love her style, she changes it up.  Her hair goes from curly to braids to straight and back again.  Truly a diva after my own ADD heart.  Even when she is barefoot and preggers, performing on top of a piano, Alicia is a BLINGING BABE! 

On the ding side I am going to have to say Beyoncé.  I'm getting bored with her performing in her rock-star-designer bra and panties getups.  Ding, ding, ding.  Let's see some fashion girl.  I want to see some Video Phone makeup.  Something. 

And I have to say that I can't wait to see Nicki Minaj. She's my bling-a-ding girl.  Love the makeup.  I even love the multi-colored  hair and wigs.  Nicki has got Bling Factor from the neck up.  But the space cadet, wackadoodle outfits confuse me.  She does rock some fierce platforms though; I love a woman with a serious shoe game.  Hair—bling, makeup—bling, clothes—ding, ding, ding, shoes—bling."



"Rick Ross is going to be a big fat ding.  He's gonna have that belly hanging out and that is just not cool.  Belly hanging out has ding written all over it."





"I'm dinging Justin Bieiber.   His skinny little butt will be trying to sag and then there's that wimpy haircut.  The only bling he's rocking is Selena Gomez.  

I predict that Rihanna will be a Bling!  I'm hoping that since she ditched that Crayola red hair and softened up her look, she will follow through tonight with pretty yet current rock-princess appearance. I love Rihanna's new hair color and minimal makeup.

I will never live this down if she goes hog-wild ding-a-licious…"


"Don't get me wrong, my iPod is full of many Drake hits — Fancy, Marvin's Room, Up All Night, etc. — but even I can't forget the dreadful designer caveman ensemble he wore at a previous award show this year. And oh yeah, it would be nice if Drake took the time to get a fresh cut and to ditch the facial hair too! So until he wows me on the carpet this year, he's knees deep in dingdom…"










*Editor's note: We will update as our other writers add thier 2 cents.  

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