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Beyoncé’s Hair: Is Bigger Better?

Beyoncé’s Hair: Is Bigger Better?

She is trying to rule the world, that’s for sure.

Taking the stage in countries around the globe, performances on more television stations than Ted Turner owns, and gracing a multitudinous number of magazines covers—yes, our favorite B-Girl, Beyoncé is working hard.

So is she working up a sweat, or is that queen-sized coif of curls that harkens back to Beyoncé’s Destiny Child days deliberate?  I think the latter.  And I rather like the quantum coils this blinging babe is serving up.  After all, when you take a look at any self-respecting Diva of yesteryear—Diana Ross, Chaka Khan—they came fully equipped with gargantuan hair.

What do you think?  Do you love the over-the-top curly mane?

Beyonce on Good Morning America July 1, 2011 Getty Images


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2 Responses to Beyoncé’s Hair: Is Bigger Better?

  1. Shalilah Russell July 1, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    I don’t like Beyonces mane.  I think her natural hair woould look better with it’a natural color.  I think less makeup and hair.  I may be of the school that less is better.  I do think Beyonce is ruining her natural beauty.

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