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Beauty News: JeNu – Your New Favorite Beauty Gadget

Beauty News: JeNu – Your New Favorite Beauty Gadget

With a new year, comes a new way to apply your favorite skincare products! JeNu is the hot new gadget that ensures you are getting the most out of your every day creams and serums by allowing these products to be fully absorbed into your skin.

JenuJeNu Ultrasound Skincare Delivery Device is the first professional-quality, at-home ultrasound system to give your skin deep-down beauty that topical creams and serums can’t deliver on their own.

The JeNu wand sends 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy per second into the MicroSphere Conducting Gel on the skin. The vibrating microspheres temporarily dilate the pathways into the skin, resulting in an increase of absorption of active ingredients ($195,

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