Beauty News: Caudalie Friends & Family Event starts Thursday August 23

Beauty News:  Caudalie Friends & Family Event starts Thursday August 23

Save 20% on your purchases with Caudalie, one of our favorite beauty brands!  Caudalie will be kicking off its annual Friends & Family this Thursday to offer one final burst of refreshment this summer. As a family-owned brand, Mathilde and Bertrand want to share this special offer with those closest to Caudalie – and their friends!

About Caudalie:

The Caudalie story began in 1993 when two college sweethearts, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, took a summer job at her family winery in Bordeaux and met Dr. Vercauteren, the world's leading expert on grapevine polyphenols. The professor revealed the extraordinary antioxidant powers of the vine, inspiring the couple to create the world's leading vinotherapy skincare line. Caudalie is the first beauty company to use (and patent) stabilized grape seed polyphenols in skincare and steers clear of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, and artificial colorings to protect your skin and the environment. Balancing science and nature with a touch of luxury, Caudalie is always on the cutting edge of antioxidant technology.

Mathilde says:

I strive to meet a standard of excellence for both my skin and my products everyday.

I formulate my products for all women who, like me, don't want to choose between effectiveness and Naturalness, between luxury and ecology.

Since Caudalie's creation, I have been personally committed to bring the most Natural ingredients to my formulas. I favor Natural active ingredients that respect the environment and are biodegradable.

These very strict ethics have lead me to remove parabens from all my products as of 2005.

Today, our commitments to the environment are at the heart of our development. We owe everything to the Earth, the vine and everything that grows from it. It is only right that we try to give back one hundred times what it gives us each day. 

Caudalie Gives Back:

We have been dedicated, from the moment we created Caudalie, to offering women more responsible cosmetics by formulating products that combine maximum effectiveness, pleasure and cosm’ethics. Born out of the richness of the vine, our brand has been ‘recycling’ raw materials from grapes, grapevine stalks and grape-seeds to extract the exclusive active ingredients and register patents for over 15 years. We have always been in favour of natural cosmetic ingredients from organically grown or sustainable products. We make a concerted effort to ensure our work has a reduced ecological impact. As a result, our product packaging is now made from 50% recycled paper.

To take our commitment even further, we have decided that, from 2012 onwards, we will donate 1% of Caudalie’s annual worldwide turnover towards implementing environmental projects.

To start, we have identified four key pillars:

Support reforestation, particularly in the Amazon rainforest, ‘the lungs of the earth’.
Develop sustainable palm oil without deforestation and by protecting species
Help build a sustainable organic and fair-trade shea butter industry cultivated by communities of women in Burkina Faso
Work with small producers who manufacture organic essential oils in the Drôme region of France

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