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Bad Beauty Habits: Terez Vows To Take Her Vitamins

Bad Beauty Habits: Terez Vows To Take Her Vitamins

The bad beauty habit I need to break in 2012 actually qualifies as a bad habit all around. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I am terrible about taking vitamins!

I’m aware of all the benefits, yet I continue to neglect my health and (more importantly?) my beauty by skimping on my daily multi. I'm quite disciplined about other beauty habits, but for some reason I consistently forget my simple one-a-day. I know, I know- it’s terrible! And as a nursing mother, double shame on me.

But I’m ditching my bad beauty habit once and for all this year. I plan to start a healthy new routine by setting myself up for success. As a busy working mom, the easiest way for me to remember my vitamins is to carry them with me. Ordinarily that would be a hassle, but this year I’ve upgraded to Sprayology Oral Vitamin Spray.

Here's what you need to know about Sprayology:

Sprayology® reinvents the vitamin as it invigorates a generation of time-deprived professionals. These pioneering nutritional supplements are sprayed into the mouth and under the tongue, where they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Unlike the traditional capsule form, oral sprays bypass the digestive system, which can degrade the restorative properties of nutrients, so more nourishment makes it into the bloodstream. 

Vitamins are vital nutrients that our bodies need for energy and to prevent disease. Our bodies cannot make vitamins, so we must take them as part of our diet through the foods we eat and through supplementation. The key to a supplement's effectiveness is its ability to transport an appropriate amount of the active ingredient into the bloodstream in a timely manner. Spraying the vitamin under the tongue allows absorption directly into the body. Additionally, the delivery of vitamins and minerals by a sublingual spray is convenient and tastes good.

Proof that multivitamin-mineral supplements protect health continues to accumulate:

  • Taking a multi-vitamin for 15 years or more may reduce the risk of colon cancer by 75%
  • Daily doses of multivitamin supplements have been found to cut fetal deaths, low birth weight, and pre-term births by 40%
  • Studies show that women with the highest intake of folate and vitamin B6 may cut their heart disease risk in 1/2 
  • Men & women taking levels of Vitamin E higher than can be obtained from food have lower rates of heart disease 
  • Daily multivitamin supplements have been found to boost immune response by up to 60% in older people
  • Viamin E supplementation has also been found to boost immune response in the elderly
  • Researchers estimate that regular use of vitamin supplements could delay the onset of cataracts by at least ten years.

It couldn’t be easier—just a few quick sprays and I’m on my way! No need to lug around a huge, heavy bottle, wash several tablets down with a gallon of liquid, or face my horse pill-swallowing phobia. Plus, Sprayology comes in a palm-sized mister that fits right in my purse. Vitamin capsules are SO 2011.

Sprayology is super convenient, efficient, easy to use, and even tastes good. With a variety of homeopathic, vitamin, and mineral sprays to alleviate everything from PMS, dry skin, to jet lag, there's no better way to keep my 2012 beauty resolution!

So now that I’ve spilled, what’s YOUR bad beauty habit? 

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  2. Ashley Hunter January 8, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Never knew that there was such a product! I might have to substitute this for my gummy vitamins! lol

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