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African Pride “Home for the Holidays” — Mine Isn’t What You Think!

African Pride “Home for the Holidays” — Mine Isn’t What You Think!

When I was offered to do this post for African Pride, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, since Holidays are not a focus in my family.  However, gathering together as a family is. Growing up, the holidays were a time that I spent with my extended family at my grandmother’s house. While we didn’t celebrate holidays themselves, it was a time that everyone was off of work, out of school and turkeys were on sale so we had huge family gatherings.

Today, my family is much smaller and the holidays are the same. We don’t celebrate the holiday itself, but we still get our turkey on sale and have a huge family dinner. More than anything else, we use the time off of work and off of school to think about our family ties and the fact that we can all worship our Creator as a family unit.

At one time, there were four generations of my family alive – from my grandmother to my daughters and the photo below shows that. My mother and grandmother are now deceased, as is my father, but my oldest daughter is married and pregnant, so I am grateful to see the family growing. I’m hoping that one day we will have four generations again to gather together and eat our turkey with all the sides!

4 generations Tracey Brown


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