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Trending—Summer Beauty: Don’t Get Caught In A #SandalScandal—Try This DIY Pedicure

Trending—Summer Beauty: Don’t Get Caught In A #SandalScandal—Try This DIY Pedicure

Summer is around the corner and it’s no time to get caught in a #SandalScandal. While a pedicure at your favorite salon is a must-do for summer, with days of open toed sandals and time at the beach, you may need a touch up. Check out these five DIY pedicure steps and products to avoid a summer #SandalScandal.

1. Soak

Try: Qtica Mandarin Honey Soak $36

Qtica Mandarin Honey Triple Action Fresh Soak

2. Scrub

Try: Qtica Mandarin Honey Sugar Scrub $18

Qtica Mandarin Honey Sugar Scrub

3. Trim, clip and buff

Try: Urban Beauty United (UBU) Pedicure Tools:

Tippy Toze-Pedicure Pack

Sweet treat for your feet. Curved toe nail clipper, soft foam toe separators and cushioned nail file keeps you pedi-ready.

Tippy Toze

Cutiecools-8 Emery Tipped Cuticle Sticks


While the regular ends push back and refine your cuticles, the other ends of these sticks have a colourful secret. They’re emery tipped with grit to remove the unsightly leftover skin particles other shapers and buffers simply can’t reach.

4. Moisturize

Try: Soap & Glory Heel Genius™ Amazing Foot Cream $18

SOAP & GLORY Heel Genius™ Amazing Foot Cream

5. Polish

Try: Zoya Nail Polish in Thandie $9


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2 Responses to Trending—Summer Beauty: Don’t Get Caught In A #SandalScandal—Try This DIY Pedicure

  1. Angela Garza June 9, 2014 at 10:43 am

    Oh now this is a good post. People need to read this before strapping on that first pair of sandals. I think alot of times us women tend to really focus on our tans, outfits, makeup and hair before we actually think about getting our feet in check. Nothing worse than getting all dolled up and have some dry cracked feet and unpolished toenails. Good grief. Sorry if I offended anyone.

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