The Minimalist Product Review: Dr.’s REMEDY Fall Collection

The Minimalist Product Review: Dr.’s REMEDY Fall Collection

It almost goes without saying that motherhood is all about sacrifice. Time, money, sleep, solitude… Even as a  mommy-to-be, I've made a number of personal and lifestyle changes to prepare for and protect my little bundle of joy. 

As willing as I was to give up my chevre and chardonnay for the sake of my developing child, I was a bit miffed at the idea that I would have to totally forgo nail polish for the next nine months or more. I'm pretty low-maintenance and like to keep it simple, but well-manicured nails are a must for me.

Did this mean I had to sacrifice cute fingernails and toenails for baby as well? All I could imagine was waddling around with bare, boring nails or worse—chipped, busted polish which screamed out ‘neglect!’ 

That's when I came across the  Dr.’s REMEDY Fall Collection, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! While I often gravitate toward more ‘natural’ beauty products as a Minimalist Mommy, this brand somehow missed my radar. When I learned all the benefits of the exclusive and innovative Dr.’s REMEDY formula, I was sold. 

Here's the deal on Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish, $17:

Dr.'s REMEDY® Enriched Nail Polish is the only over the counter enriched polish, created by doctors, designed to be free from harmful toxins.

Not only is Dr.'s REMEDY® better for you, it comes in a rainbow of today's most fashionable colors. Enhanced with naturally occurring anti-fungal ingredients and vitamins it promotes healthier looking, stronger looking, more beautiful nails.

Dr.'s REMEDY proves quintessentially-perfect for any person looking to better the condition of her skin and nails; their Enriched Nail Polish is the first-ever nail polish on the market approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

Appealing to women with discolored nails, pregnant women, or parents looking for safer alternatives for their children.
Allergen friendly for those sensitive to chemicals in commercial nail polish. Available for purchase online at

I tried out these vibrant shades from the Fall Fever 2011 CollectionDEFENSE Deep Red, described as "a rich bordeaux with a mystifying matte finish," NOBEL Navy, a "sea-at-dusk shade that reflects light and brings dimension to tips and toes alike," and BALANCE Brick, "a modern maroon with body and balance," which was my favorite of the three.


The first thing I noticed was that the polish dried quite quickly after applying the first coat. Although the colors were matte, the nail polish left a nice sheen that kept my nails from looking dull or flat. I was also impressed with how long-lasting Dr.'s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish was. It definitely stood the test of daily use as I am quite rough on my nails. My polish stayed intact and chip-free much longer than I expected.

Not only did Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish perform well, it's actually good for your nails. Interestingly enough, the line is the brainchild of a podiatrist, Dr. Adam Cirlincione, whose expectant wife was cautioned against exposure to harsh chemicals during her pregnancy. He partnered with collegue Dr. William Spielfogel, and Dr.'s REMEDY was born.

Dr.'s REMEDY is free of the “big three” toxins found in most commercial nail polish- DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. These chemicals are linked to serious health problems, and potentially damaging to the nail as well.

Preggers or not, Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish is a winner, hands down. What other nail varnish claims to strengthen and restore nail health while offering a fabulous selection of colors? One of the naturally enriching ingredients, tea tree oil, already holds a place of honor in my medicine cabinet for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. And because it's made with mommies in mind, I feel good about putting this on my nails. I will continue to both use it and recommend it highly, long after baby arrives!

Bling Factor:

Pros: Quick-dry, chip-resistant, naturally enriched formula. Beautiful new colors in the fall collection!

Cons: A bit pricey, but totally worth it.

Buy Again: Yes!

Price: $17

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings

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