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Simple Sexy Saturday: Try Double Duty Products

Simple Sexy Saturday: Try Double Duty Products

If Saturday isn’t a work day for you, you may feel like you just want to skip the makeup thing altogether.  I totally understand.  Well, it’s easy to look pulled together with minimal effort on Saturday.  It’s what we at Blinging Beauty call Simple Sexy. Simple sexy is best achieved by using beauty products that […]

Makeup Monday: Halle Berry– Simply Sexy

Makeup Monday: Halle Berry– Simply Sexy

If ever a woman embodied the look of “less is more”, it’s Halle Berry.  In an age when celebrities are hidden behind circles  of black eyeliner and shadow, plus pounds of foundation and bronzer, it’s refreshing to see a woman who lets her beauty shine through.  Granted, Halle hit the jackpot on DNA, she is […]

It’s Fierce Friday — Hot Makeup in 5 Minutes

I guess I have gotten lazy in my old age, but I am just not into taking an hour to do my makeup for ANY occasion.   To get out the door, I’m a five minute girl.  Who has time for all that primping?  Oh sure, the picture of women in the 50’s sitting at their […]

Simply Sexy Weekend Makeup

I no longer have the typical Monday through Friday work week, but when I did, I couldn’t bear to think of putting on a full face of makeup on Saturday.  I learned to choose double, even triple duty items that made it simple to look fresh and vibrant, yet sexy on a laid back Saturday.  Here […]

How to Look Hot in 5 Minutes

It’s Friday night and you have had a hard day at the office.  How do you take your look from dull to hot in 5 minutes?  Easy!  Follow these quick 5 steps for easy-to-do sexy makeup. Even you can duplicate Kerry Washington’s sultry looks with these simple steps and end up the hottest girl at […]