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Makeup Monday: Halle Berry– Simply Sexy

Makeup Monday: Halle Berry– Simply Sexy

If ever a woman embodied the look of “less is more”, it’s Halle Berry.  In an age when celebrities are hidden behind circles  of black eyeliner and shadow, plus pounds of foundation and bronzer, it’s refreshing to see a woman who lets her beauty shine through.  Granted, Halle hit the jackpot on DNA, she is […]

What Every Woman Needs in her Makeup Bag

What’s in your wallet makeup case? Too much no doubt. I’m guilty of having about 20 lipsticks and lipglosses in my makeup bag at any given time, and consciously I know I really don’t need that many.  One lipstick and one lipgloss are plenty.  And I have a ton of other stuff in there that […]

Fierce Fridays: Secret Weapon — Go Nude

Want all eyes on you?  Go nude. Eva does it.  Beyonce’ does it.  Rihanna does it. Monica Lewinsky made it hot!  I’m talking nude lips. Shiny, glossy nude lips will have all eyes on your tonight. I kicked and screamed when the nude lip came into fashion.  I hated it.  Particularly for women who had […]

How to Look Hot in 5 Minutes

It’s Friday night and you have had a hard day at the office.  How do you take your look from dull to hot in 5 minutes?  Easy!  Follow these quick 5 steps for easy-to-do sexy makeup. Even you can duplicate Kerry Washington’s sultry looks with these simple steps and end up the hottest girl at […]