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Monday Makeup: Red Lipstick Red Carpet Style

Monday Makeup: Red Lipstick Red Carpet Style

From the runways in Paris to the red carpet in Hollywood, red lips are making on the comeback trail.  Red lipstick spells allure, glamour, sophistication and oozes sex appeal.  Stars recently spotted sporting the red pout include Taraji Henson , Keri Hilson and Kerry Washington.  Each woman rocks the red lips with ease, yet each […]

Chanel Iman: Clean Face and Red Lips

Chanel Iman: Clean Face and Red Lips

Red lips paired with clean makeup is my favorite classic makeup.  And Chanel Iman wears it well in Milan during Fashion Week. This classic look is simple, chic and easy to wear. Follow these 5 steps: 1.  Smooth Skin Prep skin with a mattifying primer to alleviate shine and keep your makeup fresh throughout the […]

Ashanti: Glamorous in Red at NAACP Theater Awards

Ashanti’s old Hollywood glamorous style was stunning at the NAACP Theater Awards yesterday. Thank you Ashanti for showing taste, class and for wearing red lipstick!  I’m a little done with the nude lip for every single red carpet occasion.  Her Veronica Lake inspired hair and fresh matte makeup was too beautiful.  If there is ever […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon — Classic Beauty a lá Sade

I have a girl crush. I admit it.  It started in the '80's when I laid eyes on Sade. I emulated her look as closely as possible.  My lipstick of choice became MAC Russian Red. I wore my hair in a slicked back pony tail so much that my husband begged me to do something […]

Fierce Fridays: My Secret Weapon– Red Lipstick

I know I have gushed about my obsession with red lipstick on many occasion on this blog. I have even written a great piece on the Power of Red.  But what you need to remember is that red is such a powerful color. So it’s Friday night, you want to go out, but you don’t […]

Are You Superficial?

su⋅per⋅fi⋅cial /su pərˈfɪʃ əl/  [soo-per-fish-uh l] -adjective 1.  being at, on or near the surface: a superficial wound. 2.  of or pertaining to the surface: superficial measurement. 3.  external or outward: a superficial resemblance. 4.  concerned with or comprehending only what is on the surface or obvious: a superficial observer. 5.  shallow; not profound or […]

What Makes You Fierce?

Beyonce’ has an alter ego — Sasha Fierce.  It’s her performance character, it’s Beyonce’s transition from everyday Beyonce’ to uber Beyonce, to fierce Beyonce’.  I’m sure every woman and girl must have something that she believes gives her “super” powers if you will.  Something you can pull out of a hat that makes you fierce.  […]

How about a Red Lipstick for Summer?

I love red lipstick.  Back to the days when I thought I was Sade with my overly defined superdark eye brows, pony tail and MAC Russian Red lipstick up to today, I’m still a red lipstick freak.  I must have a dozen in regular rotation, not to mention the ones in my professional kit.  NARS and […]

Simple Pleasures — How About a New Lipstick?

I’ve been hit by our economic  downturn as have most of my friends.  It’s pretty distressing to see savings and investments go down the drain.  Or to lose a job or a home for that matter.  But, do we have to live in a state of deprivation?  Well, I couldn’t get that fall Dior bag I […]