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Prescriptives Friends and Family — Save 30%

I have a few tried and true favorites at Prescriptives — The Vibrant C moisturizer and eye cream and Good in Bed night repair cream.  ( I think I just like that name).  For lips I love the Tint Balm and for eyes Khol Longwear Eye liner and the Perfect Every Line Gel liner.    […]

Budget Beauty Buys

I’ve had to change my spend happy ways. It’s not necessarily THE economy, it’s MY economy.  I have admitted my beauty obsessions and the ridiculous amount of products I use.  I know I need a 12 step program.  Ummm, I actully like the sound of that.  Sounds like my beauty routine.  I have to face […]

Save 25% on Bobbi Brown Makeup

I’m a fan of Bobbi Brown, no doubt you are too.  I just logged on to make an order and guess what?  I get to save a bit and donate a bit to Dress for Success.