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Spring Fragrance Launch: Clean Cotton T-Shirt and Summer Escape

I was first introduced to “Clean” when it launched about 10 years ago. And I was not a fan. It was just a bit too, well, clean for my taste. I can smell like soap and water without having to spray it on. However, loads of people loved the minimalist scent and the brand has expanded it’s reach with new twists on the original.

I have to admit, when I was sent testers of the Cotton T-Shirt and Summer Escape, I wasn’t at all sure I would like them, much less be impressed. I tend to favor woodsy, even masculine scents, so the thought of simply smelling clean wasn’t on my radar.
Here is a description of the fragrances:

Cotton T-Shirt Eau de Parfum: A permanent addition to the CLEAN fragrance line, Cotton T-shirt is a fresh, crisp and easy to wear airy scent that is inspired by the universally loveable freshly laundered tee. Found in every woman’s closet, your favorite cotton tee can be worn from week day to weekend and everything in between. The Bergamot, Cotton Flower, Rosewood and Sheer Amber are just a few notes that capture the simplicity and appeal of an iconic wardrobe essential.Teasing traces of rosewood and warm musk add a familiar warmth, just like the boyfriend tee shirt you love to steal.
Bergamot, Fresh Laundry Accord, Clean Aldehydes, Dewy Freesia, Cotton Flower, Rosewood, Sheer Amber, Warm Musks, Touch of Vetiver
Light. Pure. Universally Loveable.

My impression: I liked this scent enough to actually deviate from my daily go-to spray-on fragrance to wear it.  I think that the notes of amber, musk and bergamot were talking to me.  If you like the way a cotton t-shirt smells after one wear—with just a hint of his scent remaining, you will love Clean Cotton T-Shirt.  The subtlety makes it an ideal office fragrance.  You know, not the one that screams your entrance and exit.

Pro: Light easy-to-wear scent, not too sweet, didn’t make me sneeze
Con: None
Buy Again: Maybe
Price: $$
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 4 Blings

Limited-Edition Summer Escape Eau de Parfum: Enjoy a sensory experience inspired by the relaxed freedom of sun-kissed skin, cloudless sky and endless sea; Summer Escape envelopes the body in layers of fresh, citrusy notes  to transport you to the beach in an instant.  A pure, citrusy fragrance, it opens with succulent notes of crisp bergamot and mandarin orange and intertwines delicate layers of water lily, beach grass, and white sand. Light and playful, it’s also tranquil and refreshing.
Crisp Bergamot, Beach Grass, Mandarin Orange, Water Lily, Summer Peony, Beach Honeysuckle, Orange Flower, Cotton Blossom, White Sand Accord, Driftwood, Coconut Water.
Refreshing. Playful. Tranquil.


My impression: Summer Escape, despite being categorized as a citrus scent, comes off distinctively floral to this nose.  And florals are not my preference.  However, for a floral scent, it is light and not too obtrusive.  It seems like a perfect “starter” scent for a teen or tween.  It definitely  holds true to that CLEAN standard of having a “fresh” scent.  My 14 year old daughter loved it!

Pro: Light fresh floral scent
Con: Too sweet for my personal taste
Buy Again: No (don’t like florals)
Price: $$
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 3 Blings

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