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Product Review—Makeup: Sam Fine Fashion Fair Supreme Color Collection Eyeshadow Quads

Product Review—Makeup: Sam Fine Fashion Fair Supreme Color Collection Eyeshadow Quads

sam-fine-for-fashion-fair-ad-revealed 2As a makeup artist, I treasure eyeshadow palettes, particularly if they make sense.  As a consumer, the value of a great palette is immense—they save space and money.   All too often however, cosmetic  manufacturers throw some random eyeshadow colors together (usually ones that are not selling so well)  and call it a “limited edition” makeup palette. Granted they look good at first glance, but, buy it.  Take it home.  Try to use it.  And buyer’s remorse sets in.

Fortunately, I have been able to bypass the buyer’s remorse over the last decade or so because of a well-trained eye, and many, many years of accumulated eyeshadow purchases.  Recently, Sam Fine designed a collection for Fashion Fair which features two eyeshadow palettes that I adore.

Here are the details on the collection:

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Creative Makeup Director, Sam Fine, infuses his unique vision into his debut color collection.

This exciting color explosion features eight luxurious lipstick shades, two highly-pigmented eye shadow quads and one shimmering lip gloss, all expertly coordinated by Fine to enhance the beauty of women everywhere.

Each Eye Shadow quad is designed with four opulent complementing shades to achieve multiple looks, from a bold, smoky eye to a sexy, glam eye look enhanced with pops of color. Featuring a variety of finishes for luxe effects –silver sparkle, satin shimmer and matte — these Eye Shadow quads deliver smooth long lasting color.


My experience:

I first used the Sam Fine Collection eyeshadow quads on my clients and had lovely results.  The colors are packed with pigment and easy to layer and blend.  I find that I can use the darker shades for liner as well as for creating that glam smoky eye that we all love.  I created my own super sexy smoky eye as well with the palette and had tons of compliments on my photo.  *Patting self on back.*

The adaptability of the colors to all shades is a plus for me.  I have used the colors on fair to deep color tones, with effortless application.  I love when I don’t have to work hard with applying color.  It’s frustrating to keep adding and adding with no results.  However, such is not the problem with these palettes.

The colors in the palettes are complementary, with each having a highlight as well as a deep color for crease work and for liner.  Tunisian Nights has a beautiful shimmering blue and violet which is anchored with a matte black.  Amalfi Coast contains shimmer copper and green with a matte chocolate brown.

 I have followed Fine’s work for years, and I was quite relieved when he took the helm of Fashion Fair’s stagnant beauty line as the Creative Director. He has done a great job with the first collection and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!

Check out the looks below and collection colors below:

Bling Factor:

Pro: Pigment potent, blendable, layer well, long-lasting

Con: Compact hard to open

Price: $38

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 4 Blings – Love the looks of the luxe gold compact, but I have major issues opening it. The eyehadow applicators are cute, but are too small for this woman to use.

Overall: 5 Blings – The product itself is so great that it outweighs any packaging issues

Shop the Sam Fine Fashion Fair Supreme Color Collection here:

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One Response to Product Review—Makeup: Sam Fine Fashion Fair Supreme Color Collection Eyeshadow Quads

  1. Angela Garza September 4, 2013 at 10:54 am

    This collection looks amazing. I too love using darker shadow colors as an eye liner to get that smokey eye. I never knew the truth behind “limited edition” palettes, but it does make sense now.

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