Product Review: IMAN Luxury Translucent Powder—Sand Medium

Product Review: IMAN Luxury Translucent Powder—Sand Medium

After I reached the ripe old age of 50, my once-oily skin turned into a desert, hence fueling a need for moisturizer like never before.  I am now in love with the "dewy" look, and rarely wear powder.  

The thought of matte makeup—other than a matte red lip—is rather disconcerting to me at this juncture in my life.  So, I ordinarily opt for facial makeup that contains luminizers and adds glow.  If I look like a disco ball, I really don't care.

I do however, give myself the "pat down" when I am having photos taken, or I know there will be lots of flash going on.  And even then, I am still leery of too much powder.  Not that I have lines for powder to settle into, but, I am determined to glow like I did at 18.  

My disdain for wearing powder on a regular basis suddenly disappeared when I received IMAN Luxury Translucent Powder in Sand Medium to try.  Before I tell you much more about my results, check out what IMAN has to say about this powder.

The 411 on IMAN Luxury Translucent Powder:

• Silky NEW luxury textured powder formula

• Sheer, translucent, semi-matte finish looks and feels weightless

• Provides oil absorbing, shine-free look without adding coverage to foundation

• Enriched with complexion-enhancing Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Iron and Mica micro-minerals

• Luxury faceted, jewel-embossed powder and case

My results:

The texture of this powder is soft and silky, not at all heavy.  Perfect for my fear of looking too powdered!  The claim is that the powder has a semi-matte finish, however, I would call it more of a "velvet" finish. (Maybe that's just my fear of matte!)  

I say velvety, because my skin looks finished, but not heavily powdered.  There is no shine, but rather a soft finish.  

Even though this is an oil-absorbing powder, and I am no longer oily, I appreciate that it keeps my makeup in place for hours.  My foundation lasts as well as my blush, without looking caky.  Often times, traditional pressed powders will leave an ugly, blotchy look on the skin with touch-ups, but that is not at all the case with IMAN Luxury Translucent Powder.  

Another bonus that was not promised, is that my skin looks somewhat brighter—not as in lighter toned, but as in radiant.  The color match was prefect for me.

The case is gold and gorgeous and houses a brush that isn't too shabby for an addition to a compact!  I do think that the price is a bit steep for a drugstore powder, but the quality of the powder does set it apart from others in the drugstore arena.  

Bling Factor:

Pro: Light texture, velvety finish, color match

Con: Price, $20 is a bit high for a drugstore powder

Buy Again:  Yes

Price: $20

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 4.5 Blings  (if this product were in a department store, it would garner 5 Blings)



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