Natural Wonders: Best Budget Organic Beauty Buys

Natural Wonders: Best Budget Organic Beauty Buys

With major cosmetics brands producing organic skincare and makeup, know that you can opt for green beauty products without breaking the bank.  Over the past year I have discovered some new lines that absolutely love. Easily found in your drugstore, on or the web, these are products that I’m sure you will find yourself going back to over and over again.

1. Lips

Alba Botanica Lip Balm $2.99
Signature ingredient: Organic coconut oil moisturizes thirsty lips while natural plant waxes protect against drying. Enriched with Vitamin E to nourish and heal.

2.  Makeup Remover

Dickinson’s Cleansing Astringent Towelettes 20 ea $4.99
Signature ingredient: 100% natural witch hazel combined with aloe vera for natural cleansing and toning.

3.  Body Cleanser

Aubrey Organics Meal & Herbs Exfoliating Bath Bar 4oz $5.95
Signature ingredient: Almond meal & kaolin Clay for exfoliating and shea butter for moisturizing.

4.  Moisturizer

Kiss My Face Peaches & Creme Moisturizer with 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acids 4 fl oz $8.99
Signature ingredient: 8% natural mixed fruit acids that exfoliate and improve the texture and tone of your skin.

5.  Nail Polish

Zoya Nail Polish $7
Does not have: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate(DBP) or  camphor free, comes in over 300 colors and is extremely long lasting.

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