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National Relaxation Day: Tips for Relaxing at Home or at the Red Door Spa

National Relaxation Day: Tips for Relaxing at Home or at the Red Door Spa

Arguably the best ‘national’ day of the year, August 15th is the perfect day to sit back and ease all the chaos of everyday life. No plans yet? Don’t stress – Red Door Spa’s National Director of Body Services, Glenn Ferrugiari has you covered, with his expert tips to help enjoy a day filled with nothing but superior relaxation.


Relaxing at home:

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A simple and easy way to relax and unwind at home is through the use of essential oils.  They act on the body physically and emotionally and can be used in a number of ways.  Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties. Peppermint for its rejuvenating properties.  Add a few drops to your bath and Voila. Aromatherapy Associates offers a full array of blended oils to address whatever ails you.


At the spa:

If you’re looking to leave the work to professionals, visiting one of the many Red Door Spa locations will leave you feeling tranquil as you become immersed in some of the most soothing treatments that Red Door Spa has to offer.

Glenn recommends a few stand out services at Red Door Spa that will have you relaxed in no time:

·         Signature Stress Melter Ritual:

This Ultra-Relaxing body treatment is 110 minutes of pure indulgence. Experience this carefully balanced, soft to the touch treatment that deeply cleanses and replenishes skins silkiness. 

·         Hydra-Quenching Remineralizing Wrap:

This will restore vital trace minerals and elements for deep relaxation and improve immunity. The luxurious treatment is able to send you away by a therapeutic body wrap that acts as a warm cocoon with seawater and essential oils followed by gentle exfoliation.

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