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Manly Man: How to Wear a Fragrance—the Dos and Don’ts

Manly Man: How to Wear a Fragrance—the Dos and Don’ts

Pepe le Pew

You know that guy. You can smell him a block away. He’s the one who dives head first into his bottle of Old Spice. Or takes that Axe commercial literally and sprays himself from head-to-toe with the stuff. For all we know he may just gargle with it.

When that guy walks by your desk your eyes water. Asthma flares up. Was that Pepe´ le Pew?

There is a wrong and right wear to wear fragrance. Men who go overboard have killed the olfactory senses. Killed the nose. The more fragrance  you spray, slather or slap on your mug, the less you smell. Your nose declares immunity. And in the meantime you manage to offend everyone in a five mile radius.

ma croppedYou can be wearing the worlds most expensive fragrance, but if we smell it an hour before you enter the room, it’s a deal-breaker.

I  got intel from one dapper gent who we will just call M.A. who applies his fragrance in this manner, “I spray some on each wrist and then put my wrist up to the sides of my neck.” So, not only does he look good, he smells good too.

Remember, you want your fragrance to gently linger when you leave someone’s presence. That’s sexy.

Some dos and don’ts for your fragrance wearing fellas…
1.  Do apply to pulse points — wrists, throat inner elbow, your chest (ummm). Anywhere you can find a pulse.

2. Do apply a small amount of your fragrance and allow it to mix with your body oils and become one with your personal chemistry.

3.  Do buy eau de parfum over eau de toilette.  The perfume content is higher, so you get more bang for your buck. That’s you fellas want anyway right?


1. Don’t spray every square inch of you body with your fragrance of choice.

2. Don’t smash your wrists together if you apply your fragrance there. It “crushes” the boquet.

3. Don’t keep your fragrance in the glove compartment. The changes in temperature will ruin the “juice.”

Some fragrances we love for you fellas:


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