Manly Man: Gift Guide—Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock

Manly Man: Gift Guide—Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock

This Father’s Day, step out of the "box" and surprise Dad with a spectacular skincare line. Great looking, healthier skin is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Ditch the ties and plaid sweaters and give Dad something he can really benefit from. Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock products are perfect for any dad who wants to look their best. 

Give your Dad something that all men need: after shave. Aubrey Men’s Stock Aftershave ($9.50 SRP) works instantly to tighten pores and cool skin. It is formulated with organic aloe vera to hydrate, witch hazel to soothe and menthol to cool. Leaves skin smooth and fresh, with a unique, natural scent.

If you want your Dad to look his best this Father’s Day, trying gifting him Aubrey Men’s Stock Daily Moisturizer ($13.85 SRP), a lightweight, invisible formula for men. Made from 100% natural ingredients, the Daily Moisturizer absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving skin conditioned, soft and shine-free. Flaxseed extract is used to help balance oil in skin, leaving pores unclogged and your face smooth and healthy looking.

Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock is available at Whole Foods or at

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