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Manly Man: Beard Grooming Tips from Vaughn Acord

Manly Man: Beard Grooming Tips from Vaughn Acord

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Our favorite Manly Men sport well-groomed beards and no doubt they have the assistance of the best products and an entourage of stylists to insure they are always looking their best.

For you or your Manly Man, we have some tips from Vaughn Acord, founder of V76 by Vaughn — Hair, Shaving, Face & Body products for men.


“If you are sporting any form of a beard—whether it is short or long—there are ways to groom it properly.

Think of it like the hair on your head; it can get dry and unruly, so you want to add in a bit of product to get the control back.” – Vaughn Acord


V 76 shave oilØ  It is best to start off grooming a beard right after you’ve either washed your face or taken a shower. If the hairs are wet, you can manipulate them better.

Ø  To achieve soft, manageable whiskers, the type of product you want to apply is oil. Oil will not just sit on these rougher hairs, but instead will soak into your skin as well as the hair follicle, creating a smoother, softer beard.

Ø  Using 6-8 drops of my V76 Pre & Post Detailing Shave Oil, rub in between hands and apply all-over your beard. Take this opportunity to redirect the direction of hair if it’s a bit unruly.

V76 by Vaughn Pre & Post Detailing Shave Oil ($25.00,

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