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Green Day Thursday: Top 5 Organic Blushes

Green Day Thursday: Top 5 Organic Blushes

A day without blush is a day without sunshine.  For me at least…

One glance at Liya Kebede and it totally reinforces the need for blush—I do not have those oh-so-coveted naturally prominent, hollow cheekbones.  

Nonetheless, Liya's cheeks are perfectly defined with a swipe of blush.  If she does it, I know that it's a must for me.  And you.

In my daily skincare and makeup regimen, blush is always a must.  Blush, eyebrows and a lippie.  Without blush, I feel like I'm naked and haven't put on lotion—no glow!

I often say that when I am in my very vintage days, I will probably be one of those LOLs (Little Old Ladies pre-chat abbreviation) who has overly rouged cheeks.  But I don't care.

I think that women should always wear a tad bit of color.  Why you say?  Check out my personal reasons.  In chat lingo IMHO!

Reasons to wear blush:

√ You skin looks alive

√ Your face is lifted

√ Your eyes pop

√ It signals fertility/availability/sexuality

√ If you are "mature", you look at minimum 10 years younger  #TRUST

I often hear women of color say that they don't need blush, or don't like it.  That makes me so sad.  No doubt this is due to the fact that many women get steered th wrong way when it comes to choosing a blush color.  And then there is that whole application ordeal—where to apply, how much to apply, what tool to use etc. 

But here is the deal ladies, a hint of the right blush adds so much sparkle and life to your skin.  For tan/olive to medium-deep brown tones, use a coral/peach/apricot blush. If your skin is richer in tone, you may want to try a brick or deeper red toned blush.  

Please give blush a try.  Remember my Blinging Beauty tag line: Beauty That Sparkles.  

Top 5 Organic Blushes:

1. Best Long-wearing Organic Blush

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush—Blissful $25

It's gorgeous on all skin tones.  A warm apricot that lasts and lasts.  And it's high pigment, so just a touch does the job.

2.  Best Organic Cream Blush

Vapour Beauty Aura Radiant Multi-Use Blush—Intrigue $28

Beautiful formula that melds seamlessly into skin, creating a gorgeous colorful glow.  A soft golden apricot.

3.  Best Budget Organic Blush

Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Blush—Blushing Organics $11.95

Italian powder, soft sheer peach color blush, includes a brush and mirror.

4.  Best Organic Cheek Stain (Blush)

Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain—Jive $19

Easy-to-use pen packaging, vibrant color (coral pink), lasts for hours.

5.  Best Organic Blush Duo 

GloMinerals GloBlush Duo—Terra Cotta $27

Silky texture, ideal for highlighting and sclupting.

Get your blush on:




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