Get the Look: Rihanna’s Updo at the Met Gala 2012

Get the Look: Rihanna’s Updo at the Met Gala 2012

Check out Rihanna's new do at the Met Gala. Known for her one of a kind style, Rihanna has yet again put together a memorable ensemble. Are you feeling the tresses? Well, read on and see how to get the look!

What you'll need to get  Rihanna's hairstyle:

1. Curling iron with a 1-2 inch barrel

Try: Solano SmoothCurl 450 Spring Curling Iron $79

2. Bobby pins

Try: Goody ColourCollection Wavy Bobby Pin $3.99

3. Small hair bands

Try:  Goody Ouchless Comfort Ponytailer Black $3.99

4. Pomade

Try: Smooth 'n Shine Polishing Olive & Tea Tree RevivOil Instant Edge Smoothing Pomade $3.99

5.  Shine and hold hair spray

Try:  Motions Shine and Hold Spray $3.49


The How-To's:

Start by pre-parting the hair into 3 sections. (1) The crown, (2) Below the crown to top of the ear, and (3) Top of the ear down, aka the remainder. (Note that you can change your sections to fit your style. RiRi has shaved sides and parted accordingly.)

Next, take section 3, smooth and secure into a thin ponytail holder where desired (left, right, or middle.) Lightly curl with the barrel iron, then loosely pincurl until bun is complete.

Repeat for section 2, placing the ponytail on the same side as the previous section. Smooth and secure, barrel iron, and loosely pincurl.

Finally, for section 1, comb hair forward and towards the opposite side of the face as sections 2 and 3. Starting from the ear up, barrel curl the hair, then create one large pincurl rolling towards the face. Discreetly secure with bobby pins.

Keep short hair in place by applying a dollop of hair pomade to hold in place.

Spray a spritz and shine product on hair and Voila! 












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