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Friday Fragrance Find: Oscar de la Renta Granada — Your Perfect Summer-to-Fall Scent

Friday Fragrance Find: Oscar de la Renta Granada — Your Perfect Summer-to-Fall Scent

It’s about that time — time to change up your light summer scents for the fragrances of fall. I tend to like the same base notes in my fragrance year-round, but for fall and winter, I like to spice things up. Literally. Changing the top and mid notes of your fragrance for fall is all you need to tap into the season. One fragrance that’s at the top of my list for fall is Oscar de la Renta Granada.

About Oscar de la Renta Granada $150:

A romantic citrus floral accord with a radiant, feminine air inspired by the memory of the majestic Alhambra patios. The sweet scent of jasmine oscar de la renta granadapetals and bitter orange enlightened by exotic roses reflects off a fresh stream of water, leaving a lingering impression.

3.4 fl. oz.

Fragrance Notes:
• Top: Italian Bigarade, Italian Bergamot
• Heart: Indian Jasmine Sambac, Madagascar Black Pepper, Indian Cardamom
• Base: Mate Tea, Laos Beeswax, Tunisian Rose Absolute

Why I love it:
Oscar de la Renta Granada has all the elements of a crisp fall. The heart of the scent has just the right touch of spice to let those who get a whiff of your fragrance know that you have crossed over into fall. When I first smelled Granada, I thought it was a men’s scent as the initial impact gave me that sensory experience that I usually have with men’s scents. And  that’s not a bad thing as I’m a fan of wearing men’s fragrance!

But, as it dried down, the citrus/spicy notes gave way to the base notes which are so mellow and soft. This is my first experience with this particular combination of base notes (Mate Tea, Laos Beeswax, Tunisian Rose Absolute), and I have to say that they blend beautifully.

It is long-wearing — even after a long day of work, I still can smell it on my skin. I have worn this fragrance on several occasions now, and it continues to grow on me. And apparently it’s it’s not just me — I get constant compliments from men and women alike on Oscar de la Renta Granada. It’s alluring and sexy — just the way a scent should be!

Bling Factor:
Pro: original scent, spicy mid notes, long-wearing, sexy
Con: None
Price: $150
Buy Again: Yes
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 5 Blings

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