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Friday Fragrance Find: Limited Edition Michael Kors Suede

Friday Fragrance Find: Limited Edition Michael Kors Suede


I remember when I worked at back in the day and we had this phenomenal product launch—Michael Kors, Michael Kors.  I had every product in the line—the body creme, the fragrance, the leg shine, you name it.  I was a walking Michael Kors fragrance ad.  I never had so many men (and women) stop me dead in my tracks to ask me what was I wearing.  And they were not talking about my attire.  It was this tuberose fragrance that was wafting behind me as I trekked down the streets of San Francisco.

Fast forward to April 2012.  Michael Kors launches Michael Kors Suede.  I just received my tester and OMG!  All my memories of wearing Michael Kors have come back in full color.  Michael Kors Suede is like Michael Kors on steroids.  It's so lovely.  

Here are the deets about Michael Kors Suede:

Suede, by its very nature, can be as rugged as a pair of boots or as sensual as a soft shirt that drapes like liquid. Which explains why it’s one of Michael Kors’ dream materials. “There are few things in the world that embody so well the signature elements of my collections,” says the designer. “Suede is sporty and sexy and feels incredible on the skin, but it can also add a great unexpected twist when you’re thinking of what’s luxurious.”

So how do you imbue a fragrance with all of those characteristics? It is, as with Kors’ iconic clothing, all about getting the mix of those almost contradictory elements just right. Michael Kors Suede, the designer’s new scent for spring 2012, takes inspiration from the sensuality of the tuberose flower found in his signature scent and bouquets the note with the freshness of lily of the valley and crispness of the michelia flower. Mandarin opens the scent with an effervescent quality to awaken the senses. The heart and base are infused with creamy woods and alluring musks, providing a rich, enveloping scent that evokes the soft essence of suede itself.

The Limited Edition Michael Kors Suede Eau de Parfum will be available in a 1.7oz bottle, encased in a suede carton, for a suggested retail price of $75.00*.


Get your limited edition Michael Kors Suede here:






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One Response to Friday Fragrance Find: Limited Edition Michael Kors Suede

  1. Terez McCall May 9, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Such a luxe fragrance! I fell in love with the original Michael Kors years ago:)

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